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When I first knew about this movie, I was sure it will be compared to magnificent Khuda Kay Liye. And for that reason, the movie will let down many viewers, including me. Exactly the same is happening. Each and every critic is recommending Khuda Kay Liye, in their reviews. This was but natural given theme, storyline is exactly identical.

Three college friends, find their life tangled due to aftermath of 9/11. Which puts them on the way which leads to terrorism and disruption of their lives. Given their religion is often questionable so they had to face much from the law agents.  - a storyline we have been following since last 7 years. I wonder why Aditya Chopra got idea of the movie just now??

Movie starts off very well. With Neil Nitin Mukesh [Omar Sheikh] being caught by FBI officer Irrfan Khan as an accused for act of terrorism. He is interrogated and the movie gets into flashback mode, when Omar was in college. He meets Katrina [Maya] and John [Sameer] and gets to be friends instantly. The whole college sequence is shot so beautifully. We can feel beautiful New York around us. And by the time, Neil's act simply starts growing on us. John gets just nothing in first 45 minutes. Even in whole first half, its only Neil and Katrina [Maya] who sweeps away all the attention. Movie comes to an interesting twist at the time of intermission. And that by far, one can expect to come. There we can see something, in John.

After intermission, a big editing glitch is waiting for audience. If you've missed 5 minutes after interval, you will get totally confused wht is going on !! far, now John is getting more attention. And he plays his part honestly. One can feel pain of him when he is being tortured. There is another glitch in form of a side plot. Without that, the movie would do just fine and could have been shorter. The plot of Nawazuddin, a driver, is absolutely out of the place and could have been avoided. It does nothing to the movie. And this one is another movie which suffers a bad climax. [Gulaal, Delhi6]. It was totally unconvincing how the movie ended. Aditya must have ran out of ideas how to end this up and the movie goes blank at climax. Without giving any message.

Overall, the movie is packaged very well. Its brilliant in most technical department [given above glitches]. Cinematography of Aseem Mishra is pleasing. So the awesome background score by Julius Packiam. Also the songs are well integrated. And as expected, my favorite 'mere sang' was lovely. Also I loved the way 'Tune Jo Na Kaha' is used. But a little disappointed why 'Aye Saaye Mere' is not included at all??!!! I thought it would have been used to carry forward the story ! Action dept. is a little weak. There are hardly much thrilling moments for a movie abt Terrorism. But given the drama and romance sprinkled, its okay with me ;)

Performance are a relief. I was expecting balanced act from all, and that got fulfilled. Since his last two films, Neil Mukesh is guy I watch out for. And this is for thrid time, he has succeed. He carried most of the movie on his own. Giving John run for his presence. Though John shines in second half. His act in scenes of detention at FBI interrogation, gives goosebumps and makes us feel what had been going on then. This is one of the best performance of John by far. Still I wish his role could have been longer. Irrfan Khan as Roshan, the FBI agent, is always a guy to watch out for. He can never go wrong. And with his trademark speech, he makes presence felt whenever he's on the screen. Most surprising to me was Katrina. Though she has not been given much to do in this all male movie, I could see some serious act overhere. Also this was her regular, plays herself [Anglo-indian kinda] act. And she looked lovely throughout the movie. But amongst them all, its Neil who's hand is up.

Overall, this is the one movie which mixes mush with guns. Drama with terror. Commercial meets cause. That's New York. the Movie. [and yes, its different from Khuda Kay Liye !!]

I would rate this 3 / 5.
After all, it has got all the E-Factor. [E=entertainment]

My Tweet Review : Less gripping moments, more mush, gr8 music score + picturisation, fine acts (irrfan+neil) shallow ending : 3/5 #NewYork


  1. I'm sure one would expect much more from Kabir Khan after Kabul Express. I'll come back after I watch the movie.

    btw, I'm surprised to read such glorifying reviews about Katrina Kaif. I'm yet to find a movie in which she has actually performed. Maybe, New York will do the honours.

  2. PS Read Raja Sen's review. He rated it 1/5..quite a shocker!

  3. Oh, don't go with 'Kabul' expectations. It helped me that I havent seen Kabul, so I could go with blank state of mind. But I think, It was a very good movie.

    As far as Katrina's performance concerns, she has mastered this kind of roles, isn't it? :P I also loved her in Namastey London (!!) and Yuvvraaj (!!!!!!). But here she is more improved.

  4. Re: Raja Sen's review. - and more shocking are here. Rajeev Masand: 2 stars. Taran Adarsh : 4 stars !!!

    Critics have lost it. Nowadays, each of them are coming up with different opinions. :D

  5. LOL! Taran Adarsh is a funny guy. He rated Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon 4 stars and RDB 2.5 stars. Let's not call him a critic. His filmi gyan is a big zero.

  6. wowo!!! great miovie review by you my fan. This is really full and finale review if you think not then see this movie on click here

  7. Bhargav
    Yeah, Taran gave DevD only one star as far as i remember. :(

    Hey, star in my soup !! Ah, okay. I know its not you. But thanks for visiting my blog. Hoping for your more visits. ;) Thanks for the link too.

  8. Just leave it already and be a judge for thyself. Taran Adarsh, Raja Sen and all that. They speak wht they feel, and their knowledge and perception is going to be absolutely different from where we are. We have been educated and brought up in an absolutely different environment. And our taste of cinema is never gonna match theirs or for tht matter anybody elses [ and by that I mean, completely one-to-one].

    As for New York, I think I will have to watch it to speak about it. I loved Kabul Express,but hey its totally unfair to sit down and watch it like its the big sequel to tht.

    Lets see.

  9. Hmm... I think I had a different interpretation than everyone. As a political movie, I think it fails - esp. compared to brilliant Kabul Express but the E-factor is definitely there. :)

    It's interesting that there is such a wide range of opinion on this film - I think box office will be the final judge.

  10. Sujoy
    Indeed. Critics shall not force us to decide abt a movie. And the way they feel. Lets see and decide - that should be mantra. And btw when are you going to watch the movie? And its not a sequel, man.

    filmi girl
    Thanks for stopping by. I too dont think its political. It s on boundary where it could be.

    The opinions are way different all over. But yes, I feel E factor is there.

  11. Anonymous11:07


    Just saw this movie at last sunday at City Gold,Ashram Road,Ahmedabad with all mine family members.Its one movie with few Romance,Few Emotions,Few Suspense,Actions also there.

    All liked it very Much,specially one very serious role of "Imran Khan"

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  12. Wish

    Hey, that's nice. Actually I am also Ahmedabadi. Irrfan was really good as always.

    Thanks for the links, too.

  13. I don't know why this movie is getting negative reviews everywhere. This is one of the most outstanding movies I've ever seen. It has the E-factor as you said with deep thoughts about terrorism & who is responsible for it. All in all, its not Neil & neither John, who is the hero of the movie, its Irfan. His acting is genuine & natual & brings this movie to life. Again , I did not expect a sad ending.

  14. Me too wondering that. I think critics are nailing Yashraj if any little flaw is found. Irfan is brilliant agree. But overall all stars performed equally well. and yes, ending is bad too.


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