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New York - second movie by Kabir Khan after much acclaimed Kabul Express. Is again a movie with a backdrop of Terrorism. But this time the movie is set in US of A and especially New York, so the music must match the feel. Cause in Kabul Express, we have heard some not yet mainstream but great tracks. And here, I was quite eager what he has in stores cause he chose Pritam for this one. And happy I am that this one doesn't disappoint at all.
Album starts of with some familier guitar strings. Last heard in Keh Raha mera dil jo [kabul express]. Thats ofcourse 'Yaaron'. A lively track with dash of friendship and ambitions and youthfulness. With ever dependable K.K. After giving us a gem in Sikandar, here he is again at his best. This soft rock track wins over me and everyone instantly. Lyrics by Pradeep Shrivastava is also simple and lovely. Sample this - [my favorite lines]

kabhi jo milenge, Raaste, pal mein hi chamkegi hansi purani toh..
kaho kya kahoge, fir humein..kaise chhupaoge nami yeh palkon ki...

Another soft rock number shows up - Mere Sang. My favorite from all tracks. Even its remix version is so good that I like it more over the original. And voila, its Sunidhi Chauhan. This one is a song about a girl, taking her love into a dreamy mushy world. Magical track. I am looking forward to how this will turn out on screen.

And how better it can be, when next up is Mohit Chauhan's trademark Love Ballad?!! I am seriously worried though, if Mohit is getting typecast. But still, all his tracks are so smooth and lovely. 'Tune jo na kaha' starts with his humming, later turning into a lil' high pitch. And towards the end, the track changes its mood from mushy to sad one. Overall, a good one to hum around.

Then comes a 'sufi' track composed by Pankaj Awasthi After series of very well integrated 'Ha Raham' from Aamir, and 'Allah hoo' from Sikandar, this one is another track about ground realities of the world around. Track 'Aye Saaye Mere' sung by composer himself, has rhythm you can easily get attached to. But somewhere it falls short to create 'the impact' which is needed in a movie with such theme. And in 'antara', it reminds me of a song from 'Hey Baby'?!!!

Next two tracks are remix versions of 'Hai Junoon' and 'Mere Sang'. Perhaps are a few from recent remixes, which I do not skip while listening. Quite nice easy on ears remixes. And so much I love 'mere sang' that I listened to it 4 times at a stretch when I heard it for the first time :D

Album concludes with two instrumental tracks. First one is 'Sam's Theme' [John Abraham's] composed by Julis Packiam. has vocals [humming] by Caralisa Monteiro. Track slowly turns calm, and starts with theme of 'Mere Sang'. Again turns up like an Opera, and sound is so fabulous. Last one is 'New York Theme' - another instrumental - but this time more dark and thrilling one. Must be used quite often in the movie.

All in all, the album holds up attention as far as you listen to it. And with breezy 3 songs, this one is worth listen to. Though it is not having 'great' tracks [as we are spoiled by Rahman] but for some freshness and fun; go for 'New York'. And surprisingly, the movie is releasing so early after the music release. Its up on 26th. So can't wait to see a 'big' movie after 3 long months !!!

My Rating : 3.5 / 5
My Top Picks : Mere Sang & Sam's Theme


  1. The OST of New York isn't poor but I feel that it lacks innovation and curiosity. And speaking of Pritam, you never know if he has lifted the tunes..classic example being Jab We Met. lol

  2. I really like the first three songs of this soundtrack. I like Hai Junoon and Mere Sang a lot too, but my favorite has to be Tune Jo Na Kaha. Mohit Chauhan has been hitting gold all the way! Great songs in Rang De Basanti, Kismat Konnection, Delhi-6, and now this! (And I'm sure there are more I'm forgetting.)

    Good, now let's hope the movie is decent. I think because of the theme, I might have to wait for the DVD. Either way, it should be interesting!

  3. Second your statement that we are really spoiled by Rahman!
    itne bigad chuke hain ki I "tend to tell" my ears.. "please yaar sun lo...Rahman se compare mat karo...shayad thik lage..try once! ;-)"
    So yeah, it's a decent sound-track by Pritam! What can I say about Mohit Chauhan! It seems as if there are few songs meant for him only, Masakali from Delhi-6 and Tum Se hi in Jab We Met, need special mention for this! So My favourite one is Tune Jo Na Kaha though I found Hai Junoon and Mere Sang good enough. About Sunidhi, I always feel that she deserves much more than what the composers have been able to bring out!

  4. Kabul Express is much like a documentary movie with the lack of glitz and grip. Same like 'Into Thin Air', which was based on John Krakuer non fiction with the same name.There are other examples also. From my opinion film may be slow, lack of story etc but has to have that grip which make people glue to their sits.

    Though I don't remember the exact songs but I remember I liked couple of them.

  5. Thanks for the music review. I'm so bad to listening to the soundtrack prior to watching the films.

    But with this, I may have to make an exception cause it has my Jaan!

  6. Bhargav

    I think the soundtrack would be fairly picturised in movie. And it will grow more after watching the movie. LOL to Pritam, I know he's a crook, but...kya kare? Jitna maloom na chale utna hi achcha hai. :)

    Yeah. Mohit is surely man of the moment. You missed 'tum se hi' and far better then that - THIS. Love his songs.

    I don't know why you stay away from watching such movies in hall, but it is sure that I am gonna catch a big movie after a long break, on big screen.

    Krishnanand Mishra
    Hello again. Ha ha, exactly, I also have that feeling. But on a serious note, there are many new talents coming up. Must listen to them. As mentioned earlier, Mohit is like 'better late then never'. If he comes up with own album, that would be fantastic.

    Sunidhi has got stuck in her club singer image. Rarely composers gives her such tracks, like Mere Sang here. And she does magic. Remember Chameli's songs and Sur??

    You would be surprised but I havn't seen Kabul Express. Cause in a multiplex near me, it went off the screen in just two days!! And still I havn't got the DVD. But I liked Raghav's songs in it. 'Kabul Fiza' 'Banjar' [by Shubha Mudgal] and 'Keh Raha Mera Dil Jo'. were excellent tracks. I still listen to them.

    You are welcome. So, are you gonna watch this movie on big screen for your Jaan, I mean John?? :-P

  7. Anonymous11:17


    I loved most "Hai Junoon".

    "One inspiring song forever"

    Gir National Park | Junagadh Tourism

  8. Wish

    Lovely song. But disappointment is-the song is a partial ripoff :*(

    Thanks for visiting.


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