Jashnn : Music Review

Bhatts, oh dear Bhatts !! How much I love thy music!! Yes, really. Mahesh Bhatt and brothers, can never disappoint you when it comes to music of their movies. So consistently they are coming up with some really good scores since long time. And still they are such underrated. And that's why I was interested in this, low publicized movie, which surprisingly has some really good tracks. Jashnn  directed by Raksha-Hasnain. The duo who directed The Train two years back which had quite good soundtrack composed by Mithoon. And this time for Jashnn, they have picked up Three music directors for a movie which has tagline 'the Music within'. So lets see how's it -
Album starts with a soft note later turning into crooning of KK. Yeah, he's here. So get ready for a fabulous track. 'Nazarein Karam' is a trademark KK song, with some fast beats and background vocals by Shreya. An instantly likable song with equally addictive words. Nice to humm around. Lyrics are by Kumaar which has some really good lines.

Next up is 'Aaya Re' which starts off with one can easily identify as a concert song. A song which reminds most of 'star launches' from past. Again, KK in his own style, and some funky beats makes this track fun. And with some electric guitar sprinkled over, I would say Just Go For It - play it loud. Both of this tracks are composed by Sharib-Toshi, the new guys has given instant hit tracks in their debut album. Good going.

Music stays for a while, when 'Dard-e-tanhai' takes over the album. Written-Composed and Sung (!!!) by Nouman Javaid. A lonesome track which has some typical yet effective words. The track goes at high pitch with Guitar strings and the track concludes fantastically.

After such different tracks, here comes a traditional 'love song' by Shaan and Shreya Ghoshal. 'Tere Bin' reminds me of Teri iss baat ne [Kalyug]. Which has similar cute, love all over the track. The duo sings is so smoothly and makes a very nice guest track by Sandesh Shandilya. [such an underrated guy!!] Words are by Neelesh Misra.

I was really surprised at next track. 'Main Chala'.  After listening to it, I got up and checked CD cover, if there is anything wrong. But no,'it is' composed-written-SUNG by Nouman Javaid. Because the track is so much 'LUCKY ALI' kinda. I can identify each string, each thehrav in Nouman's voice so so similar to Lucky. And that actually is a complement for Nouman. In his debut, he sounds so mature. The track is an Unplugged one. With beautiful strings, talking about rise and fall of self. Making me expecting something outta movie.

The only glitch in the album is 'Aish Karle'. Composed and sung by Sharib-Toshi. Its all about doing fun, about youth and partying. A peppy track but not 'in line' with all other tracks listed earlier. But thats okay with me, cause after all, its a fun one. From Lyrics, I can see it must be fun on screen.

Next two tracks are remix of Dard-E-Tanhai and Nazarein Karam, which keeps fun going. And a different version of Dard-E-Tanhai as 'Meri Tanhai', yet another unplugged version. Again a good listen.

Overall, this album, not at a single moment, let you down. Such fresh strings and vocals makes it worth listen. And might be a reason for me to watch an 'Adhyayan Suman' movie !!! But hey, there is also cutie 'Anjana Sukhani' and mighty 'Shahana Goswami' !! And videos look 'actually' good. So There, Bhatts, I am coming to cinema hall...

My Rating : 4 / 5 (!!!)
My Top Picks : Main Chala, Nazarein Karam
Movie Release Date : 17 July


  1. I haven't listened to this as many times yet, but I mostly agree with your thoughts (although my rating would be a 3.5). 'Tere bin' is easily the love song of the year, IMHO. Also like the songs by this dude Nouman Javed. Now, if only the film had Emraan Hashmi and Sayali Bhagat!

  2. Haven't listened to this one..will take a look.

  3. theBollywoodFan
    My rating touched at 4, just because the movie has kept low profile. Not publicized much and no expectations around. And still it has managed to get some groovy score.

    Indeed, Tere Bin is such a lovely song, i keep listening to. And Nouman Javed is too good. And as you said, this would perfect suit the pair u mentioned :)

    Just one thing I would say 'Go 4 It !!'

  4. Fantastic ALbum!!!!!!!
    yet anothre Hit music from Bhat Movie.
    Thought i havent seen Movie but Songs Are Fabulous..
    It sound awesome on my Ipod and Mine Home theatre...

    Keep it up!!!

  5. Fantastic album....
    Yet another best Music from Bhat movie.
    thought i haven't watched this Movie But the Songs are Awesome.

    It sound marvelous On on My Ipod and Speaker system.

    Keep It up... waiting for Next Movie/album from Bhat


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