A Risky Post : Overplayed..Overplayed..!!

First of all, Why is this post risky? Well, risk involved is that, now people will throw whatever in their hands to me, also their belief in me [if there is any :P] as a avid movie/music lover, will be shattered . Cause here are some movies/songs and things I have got tired and just because of the over exposure or say High High over exposure of it.; I kind of hate them now.

To start off with, how about the legend of Indian cinema...Sholay?!!!? [I can see dropped jaws out there]. But Yes, I Do Not like that movie now. I mean come on, till when will Sippys boast about their ONLY big sucess? Or, always accept/deny about remaking it. Everywhere spoofs designed over the movie's plot, dialogues are thrown at every other comedy circuses [programs I HATE most]. No doubt the movie is great in its class. Performances, production scale and even music is good, but please - spare me- its not BEST of Indian Cinema. Its a great example of Masala flicks of 70s. [Though, it was absolutely a re-make] But still, there ARE movies, which can represent the Bollywood far better. Even when I was a kid, I used to listen to the Dialogues Audio Cassette and remind of the movie. But over the time, media and Sippy and somewhat RGV caused serious damage and now, I don't want to watch the movie at all.

And by that, again I want to take risk but I don't like 'Angry Young Man'. [you know whom I am talking about-the Character-not the man]. More realistic approach of 70s movies, rather say magnified and glorified picture of poor man, lost parents, injustice to him etc. I just cant get it the way each movie came one by one in that era. Yes, Yes, they were great. But not my piece of pie. Many of the movies were having similar storyline. And they were rage and still rage. I don't have any grudges with AB. I liked his 'different' than the angry young men movie. And right now also, I like his work. [on a similar note, I don't like his DON, and definitely prefer far more efficiently edited newer one, but who knows, its just me who prefer Technical extravaganza on screen :P].

Next up is -hold your breath.....more shocking...its another legend 'Ae Mere Watan Ke Logon' : Heck....why?? I would say why not? Why not leave the song alone, and give it honour it deserve? I see it is played just everywhere, in elections, in public meets, republic days, independence days, 2nd Oct., just anywhere. No one feels ashamed of 'killing' that song. The sentiments of the songs are surely being hurt by this. Why? There are many more songs in Bollywood to play on such occassions. Mere Dushman Mere Bhai from Border would be great example, so is Lakshya's songs, so are many Manoj Kumar's songs. Why over and over we are getting constant reminder of the China massacre? Can't we overcome that?

Also recently a funny [say dark humour] incident happened in connection with this song. Aye mere watan.... My friend had met with a bike accident and he was in ambulance. The guy who called in the ambulance, was having phone. Whenever I contact him, this song was played as a caller tune !! Making me feeling so annoyed. Cause my friend was bleeding and the song was telling me 'Zara aankh me bhar lo paani, Jo shaheed huye hain unki zara yaad karo qurbani' [shed some tears in the memory of the martyers] Today, both my friend and I laugh a lot abt this. [Moral of the story: Choose your caller tune + ringtone wisely] :D

And talking about soundtracks, there are some movie soundtracks which if played, I would shout and cry.,....nooo....please........ I don't know what's wrong with me but if people 'really' likes the soundtrack of certain movie, and play it on and on and on, in every Gully, each Nukkad, then that soundtrack goes out of my playlist !!! Weired, innit? Take Dhadkan for example. Such a huge hit it was. And gosh, it was played here there everywhere. Giving me headache. Every time. Next is Gadar Ek Premkatha - a very good soundtrack over and over played in Trucks, jeeps, Rickshaws, Paanwallas, you name it. And so I hate it. And the biggest of them all. Himesh's melodius score [!!] Tere Naam. I know many songs from Himesh are so crap that get stuck in mind, but Tere Naam was having such nice songs, but Overplayed a million times everywhere. Made me die hard Hater of the soundtrack.

And Rahman is also not left behind !! Chhaiyya Chhaiyya is also so overplayed, that I had enough. And Jai Ho, is going that way. Please, why Jai Ho in politics? I mean, come on yaar, grow up...

P.S.: This is just what I feel I am very bad at discussions, so I might not be able to discuss all these at great length. :)
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  1. Hey Darshit..judging by your reasoning..you are just sick and tired of the way people have distorted good stuff, that the taste has turned bitter...You don't actually hate them at all.And it's ok to feel so. Yeah, a few harsh reactions might come your way now. After all, you did mention Sholay and Ae Mere Watan Ke Logo...[you never do that or else the Shiv Sainiks will find you..hehe].

    So, my point is: start getting a bit high, and dance off if the next Navratri plays some Falguni Pathak on steroids. Best of luck with that!

  2. I agree with Sujoy. It's the "overrated" stuff that critics and fans make something more than it is. Then you see or hear it, it doesn't live up to the hype.

    No wonder I like the Bhatt's, huh?

  3. Anonymous16:15

    Like this. you write well.

  4. I agree with you on Jai Ho. It's surely being overrated everywhere..we all know that Rahman has other much more brilliant tracks. Jai Ho is probably mediocre compared to his remaining work.

  5. Sujoy & Nicki

    Well, I also do think so. But the thing has done such damage to me, that my love is not going to return :P

    And Sujoy, I m definitely going as per ur directios. :D Navratri kab hai, kab hai Navratri kab????

    And the ShivSainik comment..........i fell off the chair :-D

    Welcome and thanks for your kind words.


    Actually I like Jai Ho...for its 'big' sound. Its just overdose of that, is my worry. But yes, Rahman has far more superior tracks than that.

  6. The movies & songs you've discussed have been really overdone too much. You have a very valid point there.
    As of Sholay, I regard it as a comedy film(all Amjad Khan's nonsense dialogues and tone of speaking).

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Shantanu

    Yes the songs are really a pain in my ears. And thats interesting view abt Sholay. :D haha.


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