Dawn of a New Era !! :-P Umm...well....


I hereby declare this day as Dawn of a New Era. Now, king will rule all over the world. And that too, with his own symbol. A symbol of harmony. A symbol of unity. A symbol of peace. A symbol of.....

Ahh...leave it. i know it was really bad.

But here, I want to introduce Official Logo of my blog. Presenting you, dunkdaft, the Logo. After years of research, and design development, here comes my masterpiece. But hey, that was not done by me. Actually, I have designed a very basic shape of the logo. And 'MAHA Thanks' to Soumyadip of Cutting The Chai, [Twitter is a great help too] for casting a spell with his magic wand on it, and creating a masterpiece. :) So here it is -

From Now on, you will see it everywhere. On images, on my mug, on my mousepad, on Tshirts of beautiful girls out there [okay, come back come back]. actually on my Tshirt. I am completely in love with it. Thanks again Soumyadip.

Tell me how's it? Did you like it? Any more color variants?


  1. That's truly unique!

    PS What is the meaning of dunkdaft?

  2. Thanks .

    Ha ha ha, each and every one around me has been asking me that since year 2000. Actually i was searching for a nickname which starts with 'd'. Instantly i got 'dunk'. Nickname of 'Blue' band member Duncan. But still it was incomplete and i warped thru dictionary to get synonym of 'crazy' . And that was born of such a unique name which none of the site can deny :-D . Many confuse it with 'drunk' and 'draft'. And tells me to change, but how can i? Cause its my URL since 5 yrs !

  3. Cool design. I like your header too - I'll totally buy that postage stamp! :-)

  4. I'm with Bollyviewer on the postage stamps! Although I'm sure we'd have a hard time using them, LOL. Like the logo too. (Bhargav has a good word -- 'unique'!) Those T-shirts might make it look better ;) And sure, you could play around with the colors, depending on what works well with the color schemes (on a rotating banner, for instance).

  5. bollyviewer
    Thanks. And thanks for liking header too. So its got noticed, haan? Cause its raining now in India, I have put up my fav Baarish moments in that header. But wait, I have to get the postages printed :P

    Humm..I think you are visualizing the Tshirts, [on beach??] :D. Thanks for your suggestion. I am also toying around with idea of getting it rainbow'ed'. But I cant get you on word 'rotating banner'. do you wanna say, ever changing banner should bear logo with suitable color scheme?

  6. Vah vah kya baat hain, lovely logo, i'd totally model a t shirt of it for you, when you start making them be sure to send mine in the post ;0)

  7. bollywooddeewana

    Hey, thanks. And sure, I would hire you for modelling :P But first, I need a screentest :D

  8. Anonymous09:18

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