Lagaan – History Revisited

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meanwhile you can see all of this pics and more of them in my THIS album.

After so many posts by theBollywoodFan [I think the biggest fan of Lagaan, I have ever met], I thought I should try my hand at this great flick too. [I know I can't write SUCH good words, like he does]. Also Lagaan being my most favorite movie.

When I commented in tBF's blog, he was so glad to know that I had visited the location of shoot where Lagaan did happen. So I decided to visit the place Again, and this time with a camera [which I forgot last time, and I din't have camera phone too]. And voila, tBF's Birthday was recently. So here, is my birthday gift for you.

So, there, I was. At Mandvi, a very remote place in Kutchh region of Gujarat state of India. Many parts of the shoot was done over here. While the main set of village Champaner was about 50kms away from here, Village Kuneria near district headquarter Bhuj. These days I am working at nearby place. So last weekend, I just packed my bag and alone went to the place. Listening to the songs of nothing but Lagaan and other songs by A R Rehman. Due to security warnings on coastal area [cause Pakistan border is very near], I chose not to go by my vehicle, and went by a bus.

Here, when my iPod started 'Rang de basanti', and at the same time scene outside my window was this -

Then I reached the place, Mandvi, which once upon a time, was a big port. When wooden ships were ruling the seas. Still they are made here
That reminded me of recently watched flick – Evan Almighty –

Then I reached THE place. The Vijay Vilas Palace – 5 kms away from main city. I felt really crazy. Really happy….and so on. I was visiting the place for second time – still the feel was awesome. From main gate, the palace is 1km inside a little kind of jungle. See here. The jungle which was used for the introduction scene of Bhuvan. I din't dare to go beneath that little jungle, as I was alone J

In the movie – its here.

My ipod was still playing Lagaan. I played trick. Turned to the track 'spirit of Lagaan'. When I was about to see the palace. See, how its hiding under bushes and trees

When I saw the peak of palace, my iPod started the track. Amazing feeling it was. The Royal Sound was coming from Rehman. Then I entered there. Its Not as great as many palaces in India, but still it had the 'Lagaan' factor, which feels great. I don't want to talk much about the palace history, as its available on Wiki. But see, its beautiful.

See the movie snapshot -.

Now most of the part of this blog is going to be a photo blog. Just the pics I have taken, and the pics from movie itself. You will recognize them which is from movie and by me, itself.

In the movie,

And without the flowers,

also Lakha is coming that way…

This, and this

The entrance of the palace. Here…
King Pragmalji is looking at his palace, always, as an idol. See here.

While our Reel life king is here. See behind him.

When brother-sister, confrontation happened on the terrace….. This terrace witnessed it all..

The terrace also witnessed Charm of Elizabeth…here.

That terrace was the most favorite place of mine. I played non-stop, the track 'O rey Chhori' while roaming there. Its on height and on two sides of the palace, sea is there. So atmosphere and look is awesome from there.

No drop of rain no glowing flame…

The beautiful dome…
only thing I missed in the following picture, was – Rachelle. Wished if doors get open, and she comes…

Like this… [the room is locked, visitors are not allowed, as the king still live in there sometimes]
After such hard about a shower….or maybe a fountain ??

Ufff…………tired? Need chairs?? Here are some. But look for Rachelle, she is roaming here too…..

See…I told you ..she's here
Also these chairs used for breakfast…


OOOOPSSS……That's me…..[sorry dear Rajaji, but I couldn't resist being part of the history ;-)]

Last three photos were taken inside the palace, where there are antique things are placed. So many of them are there, but my hard luck was – there was some power failure , so couldn't take much pics inside. Cause it was dark.

Still I managed to take some interesting pics, see for yourself.
The Lagaan crew with King of Mandvi, [see Aamir wearing cap]. Very fuzzy pics are here, due to low lighting conditions. Person wearing cap is King, and lady next to him is Queen. While I can't recognize any other of them. Help me out if you know. [click on image to enlarge]

Now going on other movie. Yes, another movie shot here was Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam. Only some portion of the song 'Chand Chhupa' was shot on the terrace of this palace. See for yourself.

While, watching the movie again, I found one interesting trivia. See these two pictures I found in museum of the palace. These pictures shows different shots of the song 'Chand chhupa'. Which are different than what is shown in the movie. [pic quality is poor due to low light].

See in the museum picture,

While in the movie, we saw this

Another one……in the museum was………….
And in the movie,,,,it was…….

Maybe, the song itself in the soundtrack, was long. And in the movie, one antara was cut. So must be re-shoot.
Now coming back to Lagaan. [is this post getting Long??!!!]

I left after some good hours at the Palace. Humming and listening 'Chale Chalo' [as I was returning from British Chhavni]. I met someone. In the jungle outside. A girl. Look who's that?

Though, she was very shy, and quickly ran away. Giving me hint about this….from the movie again.
While leaving the palace, at the main gate, something still striked in my mind about Lagaan…..see the boys playing the most favorite sport of India.

Near to the palace, there is a beautiful beach. And a more beautiful beach resort, where Lagaan crew came every other weekend to get tanned. The Beach Palace Resort. See for yourself.

Why I have put that pic? Again, Lagaan is the reason. See Bhuvan, Gauri and Elizabeth dancing on its sand…

Another movie strikes in my mind, when I saw this Restaurant cum Beach Hut of the resort……which movie???? Here is a hint,, its another Aamir's movie…
Now….come on ,,,,give answer in comment…here is the photo of the beach hut.


There my journey to the History. Once upon a time, in Mandvi. Was over. So tired I was. And so much content too, because of being part of the History. I lied down at beach. Got wet in waters. Chased Crabs…….. Wrote my name on Virgin Beach.

Had fun……

My next target is……nothing else but the Village Kuneria….Where the set was constructed for Champaner. I know that there is nothing left overthere. The set and even the temple is removed after the movie shoot was over. Still….i want to touch that land….where the greatest match was played.


  1. Anonymous09:14

    Really... the template has been corrupted! You can re-select this template from the 'Layout' option. Or select a new template and then select it back. I think it'll work. (Then I'll read this post!)

  2. Darshit, thank you so much! This is a great breakdown, and I think the answer to your question about the hut by the beach is Dil Chahta Hai and the scenes in Goa! Is that correct?

    In any case, I really enjoyed this post. I'll hope to visit the magnificent palace on my next trip to the Motherland!

  3. This is absolutely a wonderful post. Thanks so much for sharing! Wow! I need to go visit India one day. There's so many places in India I have to hit. This being one of them. I really appreciate you taking the time to capture these lovely photos and re-watching Laagan to share with us the scenes!

  4. Anonymous05:28

    what a fantastic post! Loved it.

  5. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You all. This is overwhelming. Really, I am so happy [in filmy words, meri aankhon me khushiyon ke aansu aa gaye']

    the Bollywood Lover: Post is back to its form. Read it and tell me how's that?

    theBollywoodFan : This one was for you. So glad You liked it. And yes, the answer is Dil Chahta Hai. I'll be putting that pic on post soon. There are two more palaces in Bhuj, nereby this Place Mandvi. Equally magnificent. And for your trip to your motherland, I would say 'Yeh jo des hai tera, tujhe hai pukara.....'

    Nicki : 2 days of effort, got paid. Thanks for your kind words. It was so hectic posting it. Even my template got crashed due to abnormal behaviour of Blogger. But finally, it has got its due. Come to India ! Doors are always open. For Gujarat, I assure to be your tour guide :-). Yes, photoes are lovely. Have you checked out all, in my Picasa album?

    Trupti : Short, but that was sweet. Thanks again and again and again.

  6. Anonymous13:05

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  7. Oh my goodness! That is quite the photo-essay!

    Thank you so much for taking the time to capture the 'spirit of Lagaan' for us. :)

  8. wah boss rocking........JORDAR....I WISH TO CLAPPING IN CYBER CAFE AFTER WATCH IT.......
    maja padi gai ane pelo scean kadach "dch" na jevo lage chhe.
    Have bombay to goa nu plan kar sathe jaisu ]

  9. Wah wah wah! Brilliant! Darshit, you've been improved so much dude! It is fun to read your posts now. I think you've really become serious about your blog.

    I also like Lagaan. The huts, deer, Salman and Aishwariya - all is fantastic.

    Keep it up!

    P.S. Was tBF's b'day recently? HAPPY B'DAY theBollywoodFan!

  10. Krishna07:42

    Amazing again! One more glimpse of "craziness" for Lagaan! ;-)
    Essaying the journey through pictures-Art of doing it can surely be learnt from you! quite a arduous effort, but I could see, passion for capturing it in this way was much more! Great work.
    Lage raho :)

  11. Krishna

    Ahh.. Thank you very much. Actually this post was such a headache. Really, when I was writing it, my blogger template totally crashed. And it was looking so weird and after 2-3 days, i could fix it. I think all things related to Lagaan, comes after some difficulties. Cause in my Kunariya post, I faced much. I was writing and 'only' my home's lights were out. Yes, some problem was there, and my lights were going on / off for almost 3 hours. My inverter gave up, but I didn't. And at around late night, I could complete it. Phew....

    All of that, got paid. Thanks a lot.

  12. Hi Darshit,
    I followed a link here from theBollywoodfan's last Lagaan post. What a wonderful experience to go visit where the film was made! For those of us that aren't as fortunate, the pictures do a wonderful job of bringing it to us. The palace looks just breathtaking - I can't even imagine what it was like in real life. Thanks for this wonderful post!

  13. shell

    Welcome to my blog. Thanks and so glad you liked this post. Have you seen my another post where I have posted village's pics? Its here. 'Breathtaking' is the word. Yes. Also the feeling of movie are attached to it, so I felt outta world while at it. And at the topmost terrace, the view got me hooked for 1 hour. There is beautiful sea covering two sides of it. Majestic :)

  14. Got here from theBollywoodFan's link, and I'm glad I did. This sounds like an awesome journey. I'm sooo jealous.

    And ah-ha! I knew the palace in Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam looked familiar, but I didn't realize until now that it was the same as Lagaan! I started thinking it going through these pictures before you said it, but thanks for the confirmation. ;) And isn't that beach hut from Dil Chahta Hai? (Too lazy to look through the comments and see if anyone else has already answered that question. Haha.)


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