Mirch : Music Review

Monty Sharma - the name largely missing from mainstream films even after giving a superb score in Saawariya, is finally in light with Mirch - a not so big movie directed by Vinay Shukla. As the subject deals with subject like sensuality - the soundtrack has all the tracks on the theme.

Penned by Javed Akhtar - Kaare Kaare Badra is an outstanding mix of classical voices and guitar riffs. Shankar Mahadevan is in full swing in this song of waking desires. One get almost confused in next track-Mann Bhi hai - because Bela Shende sounds so much like Shreya Ghoshal in Sanwar Gai [Saawariya] . But as the lazy track goes on, its likeable, again a song about desires. :) 

Kunal Ganjawala with Vaishali Samant and Sharmishtha comes up next track - Zindgi tu hi bata. A typical Kunal croons, nothing to talk much about it. Interludes sounds like HumTum title song. Akruti Kakkar's 'Teekhi Teekhi Mirch'-western version is pretty average, even Javed saab's lyrics are not at all innovative. While Kalpana Patowary's Folk Version of the same reminds me of Ila Arun's 90s albums. Foot tapping it is just because of the rajasthani composition, but again, a forgettable one.

Talking about Ila Arun, and she is next in the last track 'More Saiyyan'. With Pandit Girish Chattopadhyay and Chaaru Semwaal - a fusion designed in 'Enigma'ish way, Ila keeps chanting some lines, Chaaru too. And lead singer is Girish - a mish mash in name of 'fusion'. Wish there would be no silly western beats, this could have been a nice smooth track.

Kaare Kaare Badra made me listen to this, and no doubt, it stands out in the album as the only 'worth it' track alongwith Mann Bhi hai.
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  1. Just yesterday I was lamenting that there seem to be no new films to look forward to, and right on cue I find about a film starring all my favorites! Just checked out the soundtrack and I must admit that even I'm not particularly impressed by the songs. But one never knows, they may sound better in the movie! One thing I am sure of - this is one film I am definitely going to watch.

  2. Indeed, the promo of this one, looked really interesting. Kinda Utsav revisited :) songs though, are a downer, but the cast as you say - fantastic!

  3. Anonymous05:46

    Underrated album. Especially the first two tracks. I wish we heard more from Bela Shende. Yes, she does sound a lot like Shreya, but her voice is even more grounded. Remember Man Mohana from Jodha Akbar?!

  4. sazawal22:36

    "Kaare Kaare Badra" made me read this music review of Mirch. Awesome song, better than any of the Rock On tracks.

    1. Glad that someone is still searching for that song. :)


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