The Dark Knight : Mini Review

Everything is just 'huge' in this movie. Not long-shots, there are huge long shots. [I sound crazy right?], and that is a thing made me fall for this movie. 

As a kid, we all [in India btw] used to see the Batman series on Star Plus. I would never miss any episode of it. So definitely this was on my list of 'must see'. Sad that it wasn't released at IMAX. 

All who praised Heath Ledger's performance, I agree with them all. Indeed, he deserved it. Also, no doubt Nolan is a genius. This is the only second film of him [after Memento] that I watched, now I am dying to watch the sequel of it. 
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  1. Christopher Nolan is one underrated director. I'm glad he is being recognize more now.

    Heath Ledger is awesome. RIP

  2. Like you, I kinda grew up watching classic TV Batman on Star Plus. But you know what? I didn't like this much at all. I thought there was too much noise. Too much violence and even the masala elements just too brash, the consequences too serious to be entertained. Not a fan :(

    But then, my kinda superhero (read: He-man) lives on another planet, so that might have something to do with it. LOL.

  3. @tbf i'm a sucker for great technical details and innovations, which was there in the movie. And watching Batman after a long time, itself was a joy. No doubt he can't stand in front of the power of grey-skull :D


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