Badmaash Company : Mini Review

A typical masala mess by YRF. A mish mash rehashed version of Bunty aur Babli, that fails on typical formulas in second half. If its a con-movie, the cons has to be intersting, and it is insteresting actually, in first half. But by time movie enters in second half, the cons get repeated, that fails the screenplay there.

Anushka tries hard to look hot, but she isn't that material yaar. Shahid is okay. Vir Das and Meiyang chang were good in start, but later they are sidelined to focus on [yawn] love story of Shahid+Anushka. I was crying for fresh air, when most typical twist in the tale happens - anushka gets pregs. Things go very predictably then, and the 'haappilly ever after' end is thrown.

Bad use of lush production resources.

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  1. good attempt, but fail, huh? I will wait, I do have the dvd...


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