Memento [Mini Reviews]

Damn ! Such a confusing movie. I had to re-re-re-rewind the scenes to get it what the movie is trying to say. Ok, Christopher Nolan is God [!] but make it a little simple to understand what's going on screen, can you??

And that's why, I liked this movie. :P Yes, such a tricky narration, that makes one wonder and join the pieces of puzzle on the screen. I suck at writing about Hollywood movies though. Guy Pearce was good in his 'sanjay singhania' role. [oh, no, Ghajini references!!]

But give me Ghajini any day - Kalpana+Sanjay #ftw - make way Christopher !

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  1. I remember i watched it a really long time ago. It was the beginning of my exploration in non-mainstream Western movies. (Though Memento somehow became a modern classic) The ending was really shocking.

  2. I loooove Memento. It's awesome, huh? I was so confused that I got mad and re-watched and did a bunch of research online, when I do that, it means I totally like it :D

  3. @sonia
    Yeah, the ending! i had to re re wind it when i First saw it. Just like Nicki said it.

    Yes, its awesome, but rewatching may be injurious to brain cells, as it tangles them. :D


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