Paa [2009] : Mini Reviews

Well, this one is from year 2009 - but I missed it then. Watched on DVD later, and man, what a movie ! Though, I would like to give full marks to the Director R Balki, then Mr Bachchan [well, yes, i m not fan of him, but still]. Why not Big B? Well, he has acted no doubt in such a heart felt way but I think all that make up [heavy!] and stuff were the main things that made us drool over his performance. And the direction, the moments - were more important then just the acts.

By the way, I just did not like the political angle in this movie. Was not expecting such cliched scenes like exposing on public television and [annoying] Abhishek in many such scenes. But good part is- the humor. Loved the way subject is treated in such a light way. Oh, and Vidya Balan in saree !!! did I forgot to mention [over smart, but] cute kids? 

Wonderful songs by Ilaiyaraja, would love to hear more of you in Bollywood, sir.

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  1. I love Paa. And actually this is my favourite Amitabh Bachchan performance among his recent roles. (I like the way he acted back in the 70s but don't really think the recent ones are as good as people praise) I think about the point you mention - the make up distract us a little.

    If I take that away - I'll still think Senior Bachchan was great as Auro. At the same time, that's also a performance by Abhishek that I actually feel okay about. (not even talking about "liking" it.)


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