Up ! [2009] : Mini Reviews

Don't know why- back here in India, people are so ignorant about the animation movies, they always mark it down saying 'cartoons are for kids' ! Would like to throw DVD of this movie to them, and say - meet me after watching this. Surely they would change their mind.

I love love love this movie. Love everything about it. The cute 'wilderness explorer' Russell, 'oh please oh please' dog 'Dug' and lead characters - Carl and his wife - i just loved them all. Making me annoyed why I missed watching this on a big screen.

Everything is so colorful, one can't keep their eyes off. The house with balloons in steer clear blue sky - heaven. And the distant world of Paradise Falls !! A brilliant part of the movie was - how it shows life of Carl and Ellie in such a short time span, yet heart touching it is.

Fantastic movie by Pixar, riding high on my All time Favs list.

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