I Hate Luv Storys : Mini Review

Another flick starring my fav newbies. Imran and Sonam, well, when I saw this, I already had enough torture by Sonam's 'non act' in Aisha.

Well, i dont hate love stories - and also- its a movie about movies-so i have to love this movie as an unwritten rule, but don't know why I did not like this one. May be coz it had pretty long phase of two lovers not talking to each other - sad sad moments and stuff like that.

OST is one of my favorites this year,but I did not like how each song is filmed as a part of movie shoot. Was expecting much more. I thought some more light moments could have been good for the movie.

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  1. I agree. I don't necessarily hate it either but I guess I wanted to like it so much that it seemed that I hated it, lol. The OST is one of the best, I still listen to it :D

  2. Anonymous23:17

    Not so bad not so good.Ok type movie


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