Once Upon a Time In Mumbaai : Mini Review

My most favorite movie of this year. Acts, screenplay, art direction, songs, thrills - everything was perfect - as a movie should be. The era of Bombay of 70s is brilliantly created. Every small details has been taken care of. And the city of Bombay has been pictured in such a different way, that one would love to fall in love again.

Also - its a movie about movies, well not exactly, but to some extent there is a background story of film industry. The references to the real life characters are clearly mentioned. That makes the story more intriguing for me. Ah, and that signature tune in backgroud of each scene !!

Underrated Emran is good as always, But its Ajay Devgan who leaves his mark with fantastic act like he did in Company. And the ladies ? Kangana and Prachi, both are lovely and 'acts'. Ah, and the lovely lovestory of Ajay+Kangna - perfect chemistry.

Whats your take?

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  1. Free Movies10:51

    this movies was a .I was really impressed with the dialogues.But most people think that end should be something more intersecting.

  2. The movie was really impressive.As above said end of movie can be better.That may help in OUTIM- part 2.Dialogues were amazing

  3. Can you believe I still haven't watched this movie yet??? I heard great things about it and you raving about it, I have to watch it even more now :D

  4. Remember talking about this when it released, so glad you enjoyed it! Babu Rao Mast Hai!


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