Raavan : Mini Review

Well, most anticipated movie of the year, and why not? Its from Manirathnam ! So huge expectations, and all went wrong in terms of public and critical reception.

But as always happens, I tend to like such movies that are not accepted by anyone. :) Raavan did not bore me at all. Actually this was a movie that has a bad start of first half. That is rarely seen in today's movies. Personally I too felt that Abhi's act was hamming. But in start only. Later on, everything was okay. [except screeching Aish]

Breathtaking each frame - is the star of the movie. We have seen same locales in many movies, but the way it has been filmed here by Santosh Sivan-blows up mind. Pretty much criticized music sounds good in the movie too, especially Katta Katta. Underrated performance was of Ravi Kissen & Priyamani. Sad she did not have much screenspace.

Adaption of Ramayana was brilliant, liked it more than the adaption of Mahabharata in Rajneeti, and oh the twisted end shocked me ! Forgot to tell how promising Vikram looked? Cheers for more vikram in Hindi movies. No matter with RayBans or without them. 

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