Rakhtcharitra 2 : Mini Review

First of its kind - a movie in Bollywood is made in two parts. But I felt, that was unnecessary to differentiate a single storyline into two. The second installation of this bloody saga seems a bit stretched and overworked. This part has a 30 minutes recap of the first movie! So cut to two hours left - which are stretched just to make a full length movie. 

Second part has its own strength called Suriya. The man talks and acts with his eyes, pardon his southie Hindi. But sad that his act alone can not hold the hurried script and screenplay together. No doubt, there are moments that makes u 'awww..'. But after watching first part, many things are 'deja vu' and that makes it difficult for RC2 to hold on.

Ramu should get Sandeep Chowta back, ASAP. Bappi Tutul are so loud. It was bearable in first part, but in here everywhere some useless pieces of background score are thrown. Remember the gripping 'silent like' score in Satya? That's missing. Instead annoying shlokas are chanted every now and then, is painful.

Apart from Suriya, Priyamani is wonderful. Viveik looks tired of making same faces and Shatrughn Sinha is lost somewhere. Overall, this part was watchable just because of Suriya, and because we need to know what happened next, after watching the first part.

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  1. Anonymous23:15

    Rakhtcharitra 2 was awesome movie.After watching 1st one i was keen to watch movie. But it was much better than my expectations. Loved it.True story rocks


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