Udaan : Mini Review

After the fantabulous soundtrack and rave reviews I was keen to watch this movie, but it disappointed me. I did not get 'that' much awestruck by the movie as people raving about it. I always admire such efforts on small scale, and its not that if you want to make a movie, it must be large lavish and has great stars. No. A movie can have totally unknown faces, still it can make impact.

But somewhere, in the storyline, there was something that held it against my thoughts. Freedom in this movie is meant that the boy steals money from his papa's pocket, gets drunk at nights, fights with strangers, throws away papa's car - definitely I do not agree. Beautiful storyline the movie has - of a boy aspiring to be a writer. And some scenes are like a gem too where protagonist used to chant lines of poems. But rebellious scenes were too much, i think.

Movie is seriously slow and eventless in parts, that nothing happens. Even, the fantastic songs are used in pieces. Wish they were used at full length. Performances were nice, the boy Rajat Barmecha is excellent. So is Ronit Roy as a tough father. Overall, Udaan has its moments that are heart warming, but some flaws too.

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