Yamla Pagla Deewana : Music Review

Again, an old song has been taken and killed. Well, no doubt that Sonu Nigam sounds pretty honest in title track Yamla Pagla Deewana - a Dharmendra classic. But its the 'soniye manmoniye' addition sung by Nindy Kaur that put me off. Ofcourse, thats the thing one can expect when RDB is also included. If that is not enough there is a House mix too.

Earthy Charha De Rang is instantly likeable. New voice on board, Rahul Seth sounds so mature with backing vocals of Shweta Pandit and Mahalaxmi Iyer. I was surprised to see 3 other versions on the track list. One variant has Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and same ladies, Rahat is safe in his regular stuff. Ali Pervez Mehdi's version is a nearly 1 minute long situation track with no music at all. While the third variant starts differently, a solo by Rahat, again a situational 1 minute long piece. Nice composition by Nouman Javid [remember Jashnn?]

Munni, Sheila and now 'Tinku'. Yes, that's the new one in Item songs race. Tinku Jiya is composed by the pioneer of such tracks Anu Malik. Expect outrage in terms of lyrics and composition-its there already. Shocked to see Javed Ali in credits alongwith Mamta Sharma. A track that will be fun at the time of release, but then, forgettable.

Sandesh Shandilya's Sau Baar is a nice change from former desi tracks. Omar Nadeem and Shreya Ghoshal's duet sounds nice, but don't know why Omar is singing it like Atif? Another desi alert in Chamki Jawaani. Composed in fashion of 'Namak ishq ka'[Omkara]-Mamta Sharma, Daler Mehndi and Master Salim is another fun track that must be hilarious on screen. But so much of Mamta Sharma, is no no for me.

Son Titariya is a folk piece sung by Krishna Beura, fast paced and foot tapping. Composed by Rahul Seth and Nouman Javaid, another riot. Talking of Punjab, and no Sukhvinder yet? Here he comes with Kadd Ke Botal - a song celebrating 'Punjabiyat'. An average one. And oh, Lyricist is Dharmendra !! The album concludes with Gubani by Shahid Mallya. Composed by Sanjoy Choudhary, ends pretty instantly. Should have been longer, nice one.

Overall, this was sure after the mad mad first promo of the movie, that it would never fall short of fun. And soundtrack gurantees that. Can't wait for the film.  Tags :Yamla Pagla Deewana Review, Yamla Pagla Deewana Music Review, Anu Malik, Nouman Javid, Sanjoy Choudhary, Rahul Seth, Sandesh Shandilya, Pyarelal


  1. Saw the trailer on Rajshri yesterday, and while I can't say I noticed the soundtrack, I did notice that Dharam Paaji looked more like Sunny's older brother, and less like the 70+ grandpa that he is! :D Can't wait to watch this...

  2. Yes Bollyviewer ji, Dharam paaji is still a Gabru Jawaan, wanna watch movie just because of him.

  3. Please correct your review that the first Main track of Chadha De Rang was not sung by Rahul Seth, it was Ali Pervez Mehdi.Rahul Seth did the Panjabi chorus part. Ali Pervez Mehdi is the voice of Bobby Deol in the movie for that song.

  4. karam08:52

    The promo song on tv is with original voice of Md.Rafi ( remixed) but its not there in album .Any clue ? Or m missing something.

  5. Sameer Jaffer
    thanks for the info.

    no idea dude.


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