Robot : Mini Review

To be frank, I do not like Rajnikanth's movies from past, actually, all action films are a no-no for me. But this time with this sci-fi flick director Shankar made me realized what fun i was missing by avoiding Rajni's movies. 

Robot is full on masala entertainer, no doubt about that, Aish is looking beautiful [i m gradually liking her after she got married :P ] Though I found Rahman's music pretty average, in the movie, it did suit perfectly. Mindless action sequences, drama and comic moments - Robot does not have a single dull moment. 

Guilty pleasure - Kilimanjaro and Naina Mile. Fun picturization.


  1. Great, I'll definitely look forward to this. Must. See. How. Soundtrack. Is. Integrated. :D

  2. Soundtrack?
    I stopped listening to it after playing it once. And - after watching the movie, I am still playing it. Thanks to the Integration.


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