Anjaana Anjaani : Mini Review

After Aisha and IHLS, another mushy flick around with some great songs. Must watch it- i thought and went in to come out happy. Yes, in terms of entertainment, Anjana Anjani does not fall short.

Storyline is pretty shallow though, its the treatment and the music which holds up the movie together. PC looks omg gorgeous and Ranbir does not skip chance to show his booty in this one too. Add vibrant picturisation of songs the movie makes a perfect candy floss entertainer.

What I liked most was the funny sequences all around in the movie. Though it dealt with a serious subject of suicides, never it felt heavy. And I am not the one who complaints of back to back songs in a movie, So for me - it was worth to go for !

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  1. In fact I was thinking the other day while Sallu is all ready to take his shirt off anytime, Ranbir doesn't lose a chance to take off his pants...

    While not as great as I'd thought it to be, it wasn't so bad either. Does get drab in bits but should make for a nice DVD watch. Lovely songs.. my fav Tujhe Bula Dia!

    Here's what I thought about the film:

  2. yes, its a nice watch Mansi. will go and read your thoughts on it soon

  3. Wow, really? I have to re-consider watching. I was torn apart that it didn't do well and many people ripped the movie in half. I will watch...for Ranbir! :D


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