Break Ke Baad : Mini Review

Last romcom of the year, and ah, its the best of the lot. Imran plus Deepika are perfect looking couple together. Lovely vibrant art direction. Great songs, especially lyrics. Fun first half, good second half, the movie is worth its two hours. 

Though I was confused about Deepika's character for behavior in second half. Confused about love life etc, but I stopped thinking there. After all, its a 'movie' right? Imran as a love obsessed puppy, is wonderful and in his character. Deepika looks gorgeous, and for the first time, I 'loved' his act. She's the  Shahana Goswami was a surprise. And Lillette Dubey provided nice comic relief. and OMG Sharmila Tagore !!!

Watch it, its a harmless little mushy movie.
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