Tees Maar Khan : Movie Review

See that line on top of the poster? If you can get that - you will love this film. Yes, its a trademark Farah Khan Film that never makes you think twice to laugh, think twice to involve in the movie. Just forget everything and enjoy whats on screen. The Farah Khan Thumb RUle that is. 

As expected - TMK is a riot of one liners and gags. And an ode to the masala movies as Farah always does. What I most like about her movies is - she never tries cheap humour like many of today's films [even Sajid's]. Dialogues are a highlight of the film especially the one-liners and spoofs. The repeatative lines are also to watch out for. Even the small details make you ROFL like in a small scene - name of a movie mentioned - left me in splits. I chose single screen cinema to watch it and I would never regret coz it was such a superb experience. Imagine people shouting whisteling at entry of each character [i wasn't left btw] and the riot in lower seats at 'sheila ki jawani'.. aahaha. :D 

OK, getting back to movie - well, don't know why people are like thrashing this movie over twitter and everywhere else. Also talking about 'bad second half'. Hah. I thouroughly enjoyed second half too. The twist in the tale - a ghost enters - is absolutely outrageous. And the movie.....
shoot and final train robbery are absolutely fun. 

Performances - Akshay Kumar as always - repeats himself. To be frank, thats not bad coz each actor in Bollywood does that. But on personal note, I m not a fan of him. But he made 'me' to like his performance in this [never mind the repeated 'tawaif ki..']. He was good. So was the 'actress' Katrina. An over the top 'want to be actress' Anya Khan is perfectly played by her. Loud? yes she was, but so was the movie - i enjoyed her bubbly act [u dirty dog...]. But the show stealer was - AKSHYE KHANNA !! he caused RIOT in second half-with his performance as a Krantikaari. Absolutely absolutely ENJOYABLE act. [sigh.. couldn't find any of his pic except this from entire web]

Technically the movie was okay though. Post processing was so bad that whenever a character is against background of sky - you can see borders around them [overcolored frames]. And as Farah does always - No huge sets this time. But ok, the story required most of time at outdoors. Ah, Music ! That sounded average before release - looked good in the movie. Wallah !! Sallu Miyaan rocked in the qawwali. And the rolling titles again - mast. [except overdose of Shrish].

Overall, Its mindless. Its silly. Its outrageous. Its a riot. #TMK -is A "Farah Khan" Film
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  1. Anonymous16:44

    I fail to agree with you. I thought the movie was trying too hard to make us laugh. The bhoot track was the most WTF moment of the movie. I liked akshaye khanna's performance as tht inspired krantikaari. Frankly i didnt like Kat. I thought she was there just for publicity gimmick. Total let downer being a farah movie

  2. i know that bhoot track was ekdum out of the place, but as it was unexpected-i liked it more :D

  3. Great review! I wish I could have seen in single screen cinema, too. :)

  4. You make me want to watch the movie... I'd given up all hope after the other reviews.

  5. This movie was no Main Hoon Na or Om Shanti Om.


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