Rakhtcharitra 1 : Mini Review

Ramu + underworld + powerplay = awesomeness. Agree he has lost his mojo since many movies, but its back with this one. Shocking from its very first frame, gripping with each twist, Rakhtcharitra 1 is a must watch [but only if you can handle bloody gore visuals].

Viveik Oberoi is fantastic. He carrys the film on his shoulders, but wait, its Abhimanyu Singh who leaves his impression in viewers mind. As a baddie [would say, BAD bad baddie] Abhimanyu gives a stiff competition to Viveik. Shatrughn Sinha in a short role, is impressive - without moustache !!

Inspired by true story, true incidents from the life of Paritala Ravi a south indian politician, Ramu has tried his best portray all the incidents 'as it happened'. Such a shock he gives us that these things 'actually' happened. And at the end of the movie, trailer of Rakhtcharitra 2 makes one hope even higher, with Suriya on the board.

Gripping piece of cinema.
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