Favorite Films of 2010

Year is coming to an end. Lists are pouring in.. after lot of [lazy] tries of listing out my favorites - finally here I am with my favorite movies of the year. All the listed movies are released during the year 2010. Name and short take on why I liked it.

[Though there are many movies I have seen for the first time, during this year, but released earlier, so haven't counted them. ]

10. Robot : Shankar+Rajini. Larger than 'larger than life'. Aish -beautiful. Silly earworm songs. [my take]

09. Striker : Sidhharth. 90's Mumbai. Ankur Vikal as Zaid. [my take]

08. Jhootha Hi Sahi : Stammering John. Music. Perfect music videos. Nice ensemble. Cute. [my take

07. Love Sex aur Dhokha : Lovely first story. Nice interweaving of 3 stories. Fresh talents. [my take]

06. Peepli Live : "Natthha Maregaaa...."  [my take]

05Dabangg : Salman. Salman's dance. Salman's comic timing. Salman's action. Salman.... [my take]

04. Guzaarish : Hrithik Roshan. Aish in Udi. Music. Goa. [my take]

03. Ishqiya : Hawt and strong - Vidya Balan. Performances. Music. Background of movie. [my take]

02. Once Upon A Time in Mumbai : Retro feel. Fab acts. Music. Dialogues. Screenplay. [my take

01. Band Baaja Baaraat : Re-re-watch value. Ranveer and 'phatakha' Anushka. Music. Dilli. [my take]

Worthy mentions : 
Movies, that I enjoyed watching and worth mention besides the top 10 list. 

1. Rakhtcharitra-I : Blood. Gore. Absolutely gripping and shocking. Power acts. [my take]
2. Shaapit :  Scared me like anything. Ramsay revisited. :) [my take]
3. Kites : Nice music videos. Acts. Dancess - Hrithik, again. [my take]
4. Raavan : Priyamani. Cinematography. Music. Take on Ramayan. Climax. [my take]
5. Karthik Calling Karthik : Perfect minimal execution. Lead pair. Music. Story. [my take]

Disappointments : 
Huge applauds by critics, makers and audience. But somehow, didn't strike the right chord for me. [i know these 3 movies are in top list of all]

1. My Name Is Khan : When everyone was happy, it was nice. When things go wrong - everything goes off.  [my take]

2. Rajneeti : Gripping like never seen before first half, absolutely cliched annoying second half.  [my take]

3. Udaan : Best music of the year. But slow in parts. Confused main theme of aspiring writer. Emphasized on 'freedom' of wrong kind. [my take]

Non Hindi - But must watch : 

1. The Japanese Wife : Rahul Bose. Beautiful Sunderban. Sweet Bong language. Lovely story. [my take]
2. Harishchandrachi Factory : Father of India cinema - Dada Saheb Phalke. Need I say more? [my take]

Last note, I have not seen yet, 3 movies that are favorites of many list makers : Phas Gaye Re Obama, Tere Bin Laden and Well Done Abba.

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  1. What a fun list! I really have to watch Band Baaja soon- its got such heavy recommendation. And I know you'll love Well Done when you see it :)

  2. Anonymous18:04

    You dnt hve any knwledge of mvies. Fuck off

  3. Anonymous18:17

    U r a total DOUCHEBAG man..!! U dont know anything about movies.. WTF..?!! Band Baaja Baarat on top and Once upon.. on second..!!! Moreover, u think Rajneeti as diasppointment.. HOLY CRAP..!! Man..it had some of awesome acts n u feel disappointed.

    Either change ur way of thinking or STOP writing such motherf***ing silly reviews..

  4. I feel sorry for you because of those two comments.
    Entertaining list, really, short and good!
    A lot of recommendations that I'm going to see soon!

  5. @Lime[tte] haha. it happens. I do not mind that now. Thanks for stopping by. Glad you liked my list and its ending up as recco for u. :)

  6. I will certainly go for WANTED and DABANGG in case for salmaan.....


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