Ghajini - And its aftereffects [to all and to me]

After 3 viewings of the Great Revenge Saga, ever - Ghajini - is all over around me.

Yes, it must sound crazy, but I have completed my 3 viewings today. In this another two viewings, I was so keen on seeing reactions of audience. First time when I went to halls, I was totally into the movie, that I can't see any reactions. But this time I noted all. So I chose, another cinema hall, nereby where I live. There, the movie was having its First day, Last show. So public response shall be notable, I thought.

People, Laughed, Cried, felt pity of Asin, and felt adrenaline rush in their veins. Starting from start, when Aamir Enters, people went out of control. Shouting and shouting. Another when he removes his t shirt. Man everyone go crazy. Then when Asin came, [whistle………………..]. Aamir looks at her for the first time – the background music starts [starting piece of 'guzarish'-croon by Javed Ali] – everyone got mad. They thought the songs will come now – but they had to wait untill second half – though. Asin's funny scenes are totally hit. She is so confortable with it that audience totally relate themselves to her, and involve in fun world around her. Even a single one-liner, didn't went wrong. Everyone could catch that line.

Ghajini, Enters. Maybe after Mogambo, here comes a villain, who gets whistles for his dialogues. Wow.

Second half, is most engaging, in terms of audience reactions. Two great songs. 'Guzaarish' got all applaud it deserves. And People went emotional even in 'Kaise mujhe' song. I think it's the MOST PERFECT moment in the movie.I just loved that portion. Everyone in audience got SO SO SO emotional at that time [even the masses, seriously]. The moment is NOT THAT MUCH emotional in terms of Bollywood emotional moments goes. Like, couple is parting their ways or they are separated – those were the moments in Hindi cinema when people cried in songs. BUT THIS IS SIMPLY AWESOME. Showing true love, Asin wins all over.

Even greater thrilling moments. I can see people sitting on edge of seats. When Asin hides in her own home, I can listen to heartbeats of people around me [SERIOUSLY]. Pin drop silence. Everyone felt – poor girl. Everyone felt pity of her again, when Sanjay forgot his mobile in his car. When Sanjay goes back, Asin says 'mat jaao…mat jaao…'. Man, since Rang De Basanti, I have never seen such silence in hall. When her cell rings back, and the baddies come back to chase her, everyone felt 'ohhhhh…no..'. And When Sanjay-Kalpana gets hit by Ghajini, everyone was so Shocked, no one uttered a single word. Everyone was so emotional, I felt like its happening live in front of us. When the scene got over, I ran my eyes all over the hall, people were trying to get back from trauma. So upset everyone was.

And finally when, Sanjay gets his deal, Ghajini. He gives punch by punch treatment to everyone. Non stop shouting and whistling was all over. And at last, when he hits with Rod, people started clapping. So am I. Amazing experience, that was. Again I would like to use term, MIND BLOWING………………………….

Now, the aftereffects, to me.

  1. I now have post it notes, all over my PC, at home and at office.
  2. Going and coming back from work, listening to Ghajini on iPod.
  3. Discussions between me and my colleague, Ghajini-Aamir and Asin.
  4. 'Aise maaroonga ke Naakhun bhi nahi bachega' at fun fights amongst friends.
  5. Passing remark '15 minute ka memory loss' every time, when someone forgets something.
  6. Asin's pictures as my Nokia phone's theme.
  7. Aamir's biceps as screensaver of mobile.
  8. Kaise Mujhe – video as Ringtone mobile.
  9. Ofcourse, Ghajini movie wallpapers and screensaver on pc.
  10. Searching for Tamil Ghajini.
  11. Posting reviews just everywhere around wide wide Web.
  12. Discussing with friends, who are far away from me, about the movie, long long time.
  13. And last but not the least………..writing mad posts on the movie itself……………………….


  1. Wow, I'm excited to see. I have a friend who has seen the Tamil version first and didn't like it as much but enjoyed the Hindi version. She did mention that the ending changed but everything else was similiar.

    One friend who has seen Momento, which is her favorite film. This is her review.

  2. Wow. Excitement is great. Really surprised, your friend liked this one over Tamil version. Sorry to spoil this, but ending is same. Only half hour treatment - the method to bring the movie to end - is different.

    Thanks a lot for the link. I am searching for Memento dvd.

  3. Totally agree, Darshit! The response is phenomenal. I just love Kaise Mujhe, both the tune and lyrics...too good! I have posted the best films of 2008 (film, director, actor, music etc) in my blog. Do take a look. Looking forward to your comments.


  4. I really like your blog! (And the favorite movies that you list in your profile. Good taste ;D) I'm glad to hear Ghajini is good. I'm hearing many positive things about it. I only wish I could find it in a nearby theater. :(

    This post is so interesting to me. Loving that tou went to a movie theater to watch people's reactions... You are such a sociologist.

  5. Whoaa...
    Its raining complements. Thanks a lot for your kind words. And thank god, you read that list. I thought its only me who reads it, ;-)

    yes, its hard to believe but all of them are my favorite. I just cant sort them by giving numbers or putting 2 or 3 on all time favorite list. Movies are like worship for me.

    It was natural to find out people's reaction. Cause for Aamir's movie, i can go nuts.
    Sociologist-am I? Wow, never heard that for me. Thx :->

  6. Anonymous14:54

    I TOTALLY agree with you - the Kaise Mujhe was the perfect moment. And also at the end, when Jiah Khan gifts Aamir. That's why, Kaise Mujhe is my most favorate song.

  7. Anonymous08:43

    I love this movie, I seriously can't stop thinking about it :( ...anyone else in my boat?

  8. Anonymous21:13

    Finally, FINALLY, I saw Ghajini. Kaise Mujhe is an absolutely beautiful tune. I LOVED this film. I was very surprised. It's my favorite contemporary movie that I've seen in a while. I was shocked, since I put off seeing it since I figured it was too violent, but it's more like action and very justified crazed violence. The fast forward Tamil amped up almost cartoon style shooting of the scenes was familiar to me (reminded me of Varsham)and very fitting for this flick and sort of tempered the violence. I was in Indian for my trip when Ghajini was out and saw the posters all over. I wish I'd have had time to see it then in a theater, though without subtitles I would have missed a lot of the meaning. :) So glad to read your response to this film.

    All the best! Sita-ji

  9. Hey, finally you watched it !! So glad you liked the song. Indeed, its a really beautiful. Only yesterday, I was humming through the day because of a colleague.

    You must have checked this out in an Indian theater. It would have been a lot fun. A hindi movie at its best. And those sped up action scenes are also fantastic. So are you going to post ur review soon?

  10. Anonymous03:02

    If I posted a review it would take over my blog I loved it so much! I will have to do a little something though soon. I even adored the special features disc. LOVE THAT MOVIE! LOVED IT! Still kicking myself that I didn't see it in India, but I was too busy and not didn't even know at the time what I was missing. :( Now I'll have to see the original, but I suspect that I may prefer the Hindi version since it was just too good.
    All the best,


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