Book Review : How to Finish Everything You Start | by Jan Yager

Unfinished books, tv series, house projects, office projects, personal projects and what not. We all have those piles of unfinished things everywhere around us. Some, not so important and some, are so important that would lead us to further consequences at work and home. So, there needs to be a discipline to finish everything you start. But how?

There, Jan Yager comes with a book aptly named that - How to Finish Everything You Start. Well, to be frank I am not someone who swear by such books (self-help, self-improvement) and having read only 3 books as far as I can remember, I was a bit apprehensive to read it. But then, the subject itself is so clear and that, made me start it. And well, it has been enriching experience as I finished it (technically, because such books need to be referred again and again). Applying FINISH approach to any stage any project of your life, you can not only finish your task but finish it so effectively, you can further expand your horizons and be ready for more such challenges. This, the author has put in nicely with a good amount of exercises and worksheet thrown in every now and then.

What I liked the most about the book is those worksheets, yes. You can immediately refer to them as and when required and you can know instantly where to focus, where you are lacking confidence and where the things are going wrong. At just 244 pages, (that too, a rich bibliography in last few pages) this book is breeze to read and apply to your real life. Even, as a team leader at your workplace, you can transfer this knowledge to your sub-ordinates as well. As it is said in local Indian saying, that knowledge increases when you share it. Absolutely. Do go for it, and see how it makes you more effective in anything you do. 

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