Book Review : Clues to the Cosmos by Shohini Ghose

Physics ! The name itself was enough to scare me when I was in school. I mean seriously, so much of stuff to remember, so much of calculations and that too, with theory that has to be remembered like a parrot. So despite of the fact that the principles were hell interesting, I wasn't as fluent with the subject as others. But as it happens, years after the school days past, the subjects I had avoided comes back now to me as something I want to ponder upon and read about. Be it history, tales of civilizations, politics or yes, physics. So, there, when I got this copy of book - Clues to the Cosmos by Shohini Ghose (a simple google got me mouth agape how this lady is multi talented !) I was in for an adventure. Which surely it is.

Why not? As the subject itself has many mysteries, histories and surprises in store for us. Wonder what would PT Usha's run has to do with some principles of precise measurements, or what if I tell you that there was no apple that fell on head of that famous physicist ! And as Shohini rightly puts in-we all know the final outcome of all these suspense stories - the principles of physics. But what is the story, who were background actors who all made that possible? All these together makes the tales much interesting despite the fact that the subject does not seem so!

The writing style makes heavy dose of information go down your throat in a simple and interesting way. The way each chapter starts with a personal note and progresses step by step with even the little contribution to the big discoveries is worth keep your eyes on the pages. I never thought this would be a ride with so much knowledge to be gained. Talking about the book - printing quality is excellent, so is the binding. Cover page is absolutely stunning (making sure it will catch a few eyes, while you show off what you are reading - at least I do that always). Jaico has done beautiful job.

A very deserving break I got from my 'fictional' world - reading something so enriching. Clues to the Cosmos is going to take place next to Sapiens, on my bookshelf.

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