Book Review: Bankers' Game by Ashutosh Mishra

A thriller about bankers and the world of finance and stock markets. Something that is altogether a rather new scenario for me (having read only one such). Ashutosh Mishra's Banker's Game sets up an interesting outing.

Starting up in rather suspenseful way, the story moves forward with simple character set and equally simple yet complex and intriguing world of bankers. How it goes thru with shifts that never end as they deal with the world of different time zones. Officially 9 to 5 job takes a toll of their lives on every front, physical, emotional, social and even financial front. Protagonists get in chakravyuh of the economy that they won't be able to come out ever. This tale is no less interesting with greed, lust, redemption, office politics, cut throat competition and what not. The writing style of Mishra is so simple it is a breeze to go through pages and it keeps you glued to the pages. Cover design has been an interesting characteristic when it comes to Jaico's books. Nowadays it is getting more and more interesting and sophisticated stuff. Page quality and printing are just perfect for this paperback.

As we all are supporting the lockdowns to save us from Corona, this light and interesting read is surely an apt choice so that you get something to keep you engaged. A fiction that takes you away from reality and still makes you aware how real the world of money is - from inside.

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