Book Review | Mohanaswamy by Vasudhendra, translated by Rashmi Terdal

Perhaps, this is the first time I am reading an Indian LGBT themed book, and I think this is the best one can start with. Vasudhendra's semi biographical (I can safely bet on that) collection of stories is nothing but absolutely real. Something, we either even felt with ourselves or have seen around us, growing up in small towns, villages and closely knit communities. The sexual descriptions are toned down and still they felt effective as it should. Instead of making it a novel, a continuous tale of Mohanaswamy, author makes it in irregular fashioned stories collection, which sometimes moves in present, sometimes goes back to Mohana's earlier days, and at a few places, the central character changes. This is the beauty of the book that it creates altogether a little world in which Mohanaswamy has lived till now. I am not too efficient in writing about the feelings described by the author, but yes, the characters are alive and you feel the same feelings. The finale is the best one from the lot, as it ought to be. A highly recommended, this little collection of tales, translated effectively from Kannada by Rashmi Terdal. 

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