Ghoomophiro | by Himadri Garg | Book Review

Just when we, our family, were planning for a vacation, which is long due - this book came into my notice. There couldn't be any perfect time for this. In cycle of day to day life, a usual, boring but has-to-do kind of working life exhausts all of us and definitely we deserve a break. Not alone, but with family, with everyone, whom you have grown up with. This works like a therapy and even result into clarify the misunderstandings, making everyone open.

Ghoomophiro by Himadri Garg, tells a story of such a family indeed. Set in near future, Kritika and Nikita - the two Kumar sisters, plan a vacation at Andamans with their families which in regular times-are stuck on their digital screens working and even recreating. And pages by pages they reveal how once they conquered the world, travelling on their own.

Author Himadri smartly integrates the how-to-travel points in this story. Be it talking about travelling responsibly so that environment is not harmed, how to travel light while keeping yourself healthy, keep yourself safe and be mindful to feelings of the locals. These all things are wonderfully put in the chapters broken in categories. Also, it paints a picture, how our present irresponsible behavior to our nature, can lead to disasters. A scary one.

Though I found the printing a bit congested, as paragraphs go on and on, so it hinders the speed of reading. That's the only glitch in the otherwise interesting read. 

So there. Who doesn't love to travel?! But to travel with a change, while leaving a lasting impression of yours and of the places in your mind-you should change the way you travel. This book smartly teaches you a few lessons. And yes, want to go fly to your next favorite destination.

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