Book Review | Around the world in 80 cocktails by Chad Parkhill

Not an avid drinker I am (and actually, I am living in a state where alcohol is prohibited, alas), but whenever I got a chance to visit bars or lounges, the menu always confused me. Especially, the exotic named cocktails, which I would surely want to try, but won't find a way to identify what goes in the glass. Oh, what an enlightenment this book is, in that sense. 

So, here I am talking about 'Around the world in 80 cocktails' by Chad Parkhill. When I saw snippet shared by Jaico, I was impressed immediately by the cover design. The gorgeous illustration by Alice Oehr. I didn't know the whole book is illustrated, until I read about it. And that couldn't hold my excitement. And it was worth indeed. The book is absolutely beautiful on each page, even the 'index' and 'further reading' sections are not left out. Eye pleasing at each page!

To be frank, i know nothing about preparing the cocktails, nor don't know a thing about what all goes in. But yes, somewhere inside me is a little chef who often lays hands on all things gastronomic. So, this is a good chance to be famous whenever I am around my cousins at those little little house parties. Chad Parkhill's style of starting each chapter with historical tales for each cocktail in question-makes it more immersive and interesting. From outrageous names like Bamboo, between the sheets and even 'Screaming orgasms' to interesting serving styles like serving in a skull, serving in a bath tub with rubber duckie and even in a blood bag in a kidney dish. The anecdotes keep you interested.

For the sheer beauty of one page and the information and the fantastic recipes on the other - this is a book for everyone who are into illustrated books or even just a person who knows how to be in a good spirit. Pun intended.

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