Dev D-The DVD and feeling nostalgic abt Viva ! [the Girl band]

So finally [surprisingly would be more suitable word, cause in such short time] the DVD of DevD is out. And I am enjoying it completely. Besides the great movie, there is another disc having over 2 hours of Making..stuff.

The Xtras includes all different stages of film making. Like The story, The Characters, Styling and Look, Product design and Art, Locations and Photography, Music and finally About Director. One disappointment is that it doesn't have the 'Deleted Scenes' feature. But It is not needed at all. Cause the above mentioned features has such detailed things, so we can see what's deleted from the film. Below is a snapshot of the disk.

And meanwhile, other thing that has captured one corner of my mind is 2002's band Viva !. Which was formed by Channel [V] as a part of their Popstars series. It was 'the' first Girl band of India. And man, there was no Indian Idol at that time. This was the first time when we were seeing girls next door were becoming 'STAR'. I was completely 'into' the thing. Five girls were selected as 'Viva !'

[clockwise from top: Neha, Seema, Pratichee, Mahua & Anushka]

Seema: A calm, simple looking girl with melodious voice. Who shockingly left the band at the time of launch of their first album!! She did featured in first video only.

Pratichee : A 'girly' girl. Or maybe I say 'chic'. Who was seen mostly in Pink. With resonation voice. Later she did her own album, but not succeded.

Neha : The oomph girl. As you can see in the video. She has also got such impressive voice too.

Anushka : sounds familier? She is the 'Golmaal' Girl. She has sung the title song of that movie. Also has done some numbers which are quite hit today. She has rusty voice. And that suits her persona too.

Mahua : The Bubbly 'zombie' girl. With excellent vocal abilities. I personally loved her the most in this band.

This song which was their first video, has stuck in my mind since morning. It has got Lyrics penned by Javed Akhtar and Music of Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy. [correct me if I am wrong] And foot tapping beats, made me go hit the repeat button, throughout the day.

Later the four came with another album 'Viva! Reloaded' but that did not fared well.The band has some very good tracks like 'Jaago Zara', 'Pyar Ka Mausam', 'chori chori' 'yeh pyar nahi to kya hai'.

And after 2004 they are not in the picture at all. Anushka has got some hits in her hands. But other band members are not that much lucky. I just wanna say is 'Come Back Girls !! We need you, your songs'

Readers, if you are watching them first time, tell me whom did you find most impressive? And also, those who are feeling as nostalgic as me, tell me about your fav.


  1. Thanks for the Dev D DVD going to the store tomorrow. This is a must have item.

    As for VIVA, I listened to their "Hum Naye Geet Sunaye" a couple of times. But perhaps the concept was a bit ahead of its times. There was similar search for a band...two guys and two girls. This too did not achieve much success.

  2. Viva sound fantastic, did they sing in English as well + is your Dev D dvd by Moserbaer

  3. Sujoy So do I expect a post from you too? I was waiting for this dvd since I watched the movie. Because this movie is so much experimental, I would love to see the making of it. [still I haven't started watching that, only thing I am doing is listening/watching its songs !!]

    Yes, Viva was ahead of its times. But still they gave such great hits. And suddenly vanished off. After that, AASMA came with two boys/girls. Their 'Chandu ke Chacha' was one of the biggest hit of indipop. but again, they lost it in second album. Sigh...wish India could have be more serious about Pop.

    bollywooddeewana So glad you find Viva fantastic. Actually their other songs are equally fantastic. One is 'Jaago Zara'. Couldn't find video of that :(.

    And yes, Dev D is being sold by Moser Baer at peanuts price. Gr8. Go MoserBaer Go !! Its available on for UK. as Beth has found it.

  4. Thanks for the DevD info and Viva. Wow!

    For me, I think Mahua has the best voice. It's so strong, love it. For looks, Neha is the cutest.

    Still all the girls are cute. I have to get their album

  5. I can remember being very excited about Viva when channel V had this contest! I like Mahua too! She's too good.

    I've finally watched DevD. Review is up in my blog. Cheers!

  6. Nicki You are welcome. And hey, our choices are same. I find Mahua and Neha both superb as you mentioned. I think Mahua has sung title song of 'Sunday'. Not sure.

    The album is also awesome. Its main theme is Womanhood. And I am sure you will love it. But I think it would be hard to find the album now.

    Bhargav Mahua rocks :D
    Off to your blog now......

  7. Just my luck...
    Went to two didn't have it, the other had but it was sold out!

  8. Hehe. Seema was my classmate and friend from KG to the 10th grade in Lagos. I remember we used to write often once we left Lagos and I think I still have the letter in which she mentioned she was going to audition.

  9. What Sujoy said! SoCal doesnt appear to have the DVD yet- but soon I hope. thanks!

  10. Sujoy & Shweta Best of luck finding your DVDs.

    Pitu OMG really?? So tell me what made her leave the band? I heard that she has joined Art Of Living foundation. Is it? Would be great if you share some about her music and all.

  11. Hmm I am not sure she'd appreciate me spilling the beans here :-( sorry... But I can tell you she joined the Art of Living foundation. And she travels with them. She came out with a few Art of Living cds as well- like meditation stuff and last I heard, she was in Hong Kong.

  12. Anonymous08:36

    2002? They are so 90s!

  13. Pitu Thanks for info. I know some things are not to be told to everyone. And thats very good work Seema is doing.

    Anonymous LoL. are they?

  14. Anonymous23:48

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