Tata Nano & My Playlist

Its here. Its here. World's cheapest Car, the 1 lakh car or whatever.....is here. Tata Nano. Bookings are started. And what made me laugh was this - They will produce 1 lakh cars in first phase. And for that 1 lakh cars, Tatas has set up more than 30,000 counters to sell Booking forms !!!! Only 4 forms per counter would get 1.20 lakh forms !! Heck...and they are racking in moolah by 'selling' forms at 300 bucks !! And worst is - till the year end no one is seems to be getting it. So there, is 'People's Car'.

Anyways, this post is not all about that. By the rage and craze in media and in public; I came up with this playlist in my mind. Which Tatas too can use in their advertisements !! [but take my permission, okay??] 'Nano' sounds familiar with the word 'Naina' or 'Naino' often used by bolly songs. Naina / Naino means Eyes or put it: Beautiful eyes. So here, my 'Naino' and 'Naina' songs: with a dash of 'Nano' sengihnampakgigi

'Nano' Barse Rimjhim Rimjhim: |Woh Kaun Thi| When the car is finally out and its showering in showrooms.

Jab se Tere 'Nano' :|Saawariya| Guy falling in love, at first sight of this cute little car !

Sapno Se Bhare 'Nano' :|Luck By Chance| Guy dreaming all the time, of buying it !

'Nano' Mein Badra Chhaye : |Mera Saaya| Finally, bought it. And on the very first day, it rains rains and rains.

Tere Naina Mere 'Nano' se : |Bhrastachar| And while its raining, At traffic jam. two eyes meet [I mean four :) and in my case there will be six :D ] .

Tere 'Nano' : |Chandni Chowk to China| Umbrella opened. And car too starts flying with the couple. Singing the lovely song.

'Nano' Thag Lenge :
|Omkara| Guy gets back after 'dream sequence' mentioned above. And girl in next car, meet up guy next lane, who's riding a Hayabusa. Feeling cheated he sings this one.

Guy, depressed. Cause even a bike is costlier and happening then his car :( He gets home, and suddenly sees that girl at his home.

She tells, 'Mera kuchh samaan....aapke dicky mein pada hai'.
Guy searches, but can't find.
He asks : "Ma'm, ummm....what's ur name?? There is nothing in here...."
Girl : 'I am Sapna....Actually My Dil [heart] is in your car.................''
Guy Faints....................Hayyyyyeee...................my car rocks !!!

And Finally, the super-duper hit song .....

'Nano' Mein 'Sapna' : |Himmatwala| A full on, bollywood song. With all the pots, colors and chiffon sarees flying all over.

Happyss Endingss....tepuktangan


  1. Great post! I see you included a song from your favorite (CC2C) soundtrack =)

    How about a showroom salesman going: "Nano...so Nano" (or so very Nano!). Surely you know which song that would be ;)

    Come to think of it..."So Nano" might not be that bad, eh? Maybe they could end with "kitne nano the(y)?"

  2. So Nice of you, tBF .

    Ref: CC2C- You know I am a Gujju. So Poora paisa to vasool karva pade ne.. [though it was free he he he..]

    And because of above, my brain cells are totally dead. :D So just can't recognize the song you are talking abt. I stretched the cells, but still cant. Help me !! Mari wicket padi gai..

  3. Nain So Nain from Jhanak Jhanak Payal Baje! :)

  4. That car is so cute. However, ever since I've had kids, I prefer bigger cars now.

    Thanks for the playlist. Cute!

  5. tBF Oh, absolutely. Good choice. This means I have to dust off my VCD of the movie.

    Nicki Oh well, the car is big enough for 4 persons !! [do I sound like a sales person..:D]

  6. I love your "nano" playlist! Its hilarious.

    How bout having the girl sing Tere Nano ne chori kiya to the guy and carry the story forward? ;-)

  7. Darshit, you are actually providing excellent publicity for Nano! :D The TATAs must see this, they'll be damn happy! ;)

    Good creative playlist..I'm just trying to imagine Jab Se Tera Nano..lol! You know what I mean! Hilarious :D

  8. i love tere naina naino se from Bhrastachar, immediatedly i saw what your list was about i knew if it was missing, i'd recommend it and voila you had it there already. I absolutely love Naino mein sapna, i love the pots, the colourful dusters everything

  9. Nain ko Nano se milao..Adnan Sami won't fit in the Nano...or wud he...post his diet routine?
    Batao bhai?

  10. Bollyviewer Thanks :) Your choice is also great. But I need to develop their relationship further for that, my actors has actually ran away cause I haven't paid them yet..... LOL :D

    Bhargav ha ha....is my cheque on the way, dear Ratan-ji??

    I know wht u mean by Jab se tere.....;D That reminded me of a Gujju joke. That no Gujju will take pride in saying 'Mari paase Nano Chhe' [I have Nano] cause in Gujarati Nano means 'small' :D

    bollywooddeewana the colorful bollywood of Jeetendra..isn't it? That's why I loved OSO for its Dhoom Taana..

    Sujoy Let me guess..tBF's comment reminded you of this song , hai na?? Me too... ha ha..I don't think he still, will fit the car perfectly. Arre bhai, koi cheez jo chali gai, kya waapas nahi aati?? Duniya Gol hai, mere bhai !! :D

  11. Anonymous15:23

    get the nano first roll out videos here :



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