Yay.....I won a contest, Finally !!! [Monday Masti]

Well, today, it was as usual, boring Monday morning. While going through my Inbox, and reading the ever boring 'Monday Motivational' mails, I got this idea of 'Monday Masti'sengihnampakgigi. I thought, this can be a great idea to start boring Monday that needs so much motivations to start up. So I have decided to sprinkle some 'Masti' over the Mondays. Here is first one...

Some days back, I was in my hometown. And got very very surprised and happy to see a courier from TV18 network, which runs the site : ibnlive.com. I was sure that I have won a contest which I always take part in-Rajeev Masand's Now Showing.

So while praying to God,doa [as shown below..] I was opening the pack...

And when I opened it....gigitjari............

Got fainted.................


See below for the reason..........

Okay, now..thats very very bad joke..tension......All shoes, rotten tomatoes and eggs are welcome. Throw them....let them come my way..jelir

And yes, thanks a lot ibnlive.com and CNN IBN, for such a 'lovely' gift. Keep them comin......angel


  1. ROTFL...I'm sorry if this sounds mean, but you just made my Monday, Darshit. Look at the bright side, at least. You can gift it to your Deepika some day (at least one song, Tere Naina, is good -- she'll get it if she's the one :D), and if you visited this part of the world, we could sing 'India Se Aaya Mera Dost'!

    In all seriousness, congrats on winning the contest! Nothing ever takes away from that. :)

  2. And yes, we could all use some Monday Masti to keep things moving along. Great!

  3. ha ha, thanks a lot man. I am smiling all the way because of ur comment. You are absolutely true about Deepika. Lets see, what my Deepika feels abt it :P And Inshaallah for the visit to Pardes :)

    And that's the very same line which my boss [or I would say my Buddy]told me, when I told him abt this. so seriously, YAY !! to my winning :D

    I would surely look forward to make more fun at Mondays.

  4. Right, so u won a free gift, and u sound all grumpy..BAD BOY!! Cheer up mate.
    Fun fact, sequel to Chandni Chowk to China is called;
    Ahmedabad to Amreeka; starring apna Darshit Joshi and Deepika in the lead, Akshay and Ranbir Shourie as sidekicks and special appearance from Shakti Kapoor, Ranjit and Dara Singh. Of course, item number by the legendary Bindu...shite..I am just revealing my secret ideas for the next post. Hehehe..by now u must hv got it that I am quite the crazy guy

  5. Ooh....let me get ready for a photo shoot. OMG, has the car arrived? Well, Deepika is still in vanity?? SPOT........get me my coffee. I am going in to meet her. ;-D

    I would love special appearance of Dara Singh though. And Bindu.....well, Helen aunty chalegi??

    Crazy Crazy that's you are Sujoy. Humm...seriously are you writing ur next post like this??

  6. haha! Congrats! It's ok as a free gift! LOL!

  7. come on enJoy your gift...lol i actually liked both the film and songs, you should enjoy Tere NAINA

  8. Congrats!!!

    Free is always good. Especially a gift that you won. :D

  9. It seems I have won some Masand's review contest (for Victory)! lol! Can't wait to receive the prize..I just hope I don't get a Jai Veeru DVD or something ;)

  10. @Bhargav: Congrats! Drona or Love Story 2050, take your pick =) *Evil grin*

  11. Bhargav Well, yes, it is okay as free gift. But I expect something better will come out from your mailer. Do tweet me when you receive it.

    bollywooddeewana Yes yes, I am enjoying the gift. You are awesome. You liked this one? Oh, I love 'Tere Naina' and its visuals too.

    Nicki Yeah, looking forward to more free stuff from ibn :P

    tBF ROFL :D
    If its DVD then I would prefer 'Drona' cause it has some nice visuals.

  12. :-)

    I hope Rajiv sends you one of his favorites which he raves about every second of the show.

    Good Luck...

  13. Prasanth Oh, that would be great indeed. Rajiv has got excellent choices, and yes he always goes on raving abt it. Well said.
    Rajiv, are you reading??? So what are you packing up for me now?


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