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After 'Ab Aayega Mazaa' which made me a little bit disappointed cause I was comparing 'the Chamko' movie with it. So this time I made my mind clearly blank, and went for Lakhon Ki Baat Directed by Basu Chatterjee. The plot is based on Fortune Cookie [as imdb says]. The game had been changed form Baseball to Hockey. And Basu's special touch is here. So it's got to be good. And yes it is, movie is quite fun to watch.

While I am reviewing this as Farooq's movie, but this has main lead of Sanjeev Kumar. Farooq is kind of supporting actor, as far as I felt. But still he has got his own screen share, and hey again  he has been paired with beautiful Anita Raj. So there.....

Oh, that is not 'Chak de India' :-P This is only second movie where I saw Woman's Hockey for real. Unless many movies are there where they are playing only with sticks, to hit the romeos roaming around them. [Romeo - Roaming: sounds rhyming !!]

Movie starts with a Hockey match. Where Alok Prakash is taking photographs. He is working for sports section of a newspaper. And while he is lost in the game, Neela [Anjali Sen] hit the ball which goes straightly on Alok's head. And he falls litterally head over heels !! A hillarious scene, where he gets up again and at the next moment ......
[ahem...this is not the 'magic' camera, by the way :-P]
And that lands him up in Hospital. Where a typical Maa and Behen are worried about him. Well almost !! The sister seems to be more fearless and recalls one incident of her childhood.
There, his Jijaji [sister's husband] Mr.Prem Sagar-the advocate [Sanjeev Kumar] has the idea of getting instant money. Prem is a lawyer, but not so sucessful one. So every now and then, he does these tricks with his customers and gets easy money.
He tells Alok, to pretend he is having a major injury and somewhat paralized. Just to get large sum of money from his employer. At first, Alok doesn't agree with this at all.
Meanwhile, Neela is feeling gulity cause her shot has landed Alok in hospital. So she comes to visit Alok.
And there, Alok instantly falls for this sporty beauty. :-) [well...]
But soon, he comes back into reality, when we are introduced to Shobha [Anita Raj] his ex-wife. They already have got divorced over some small small differences. So Prem sees this opportunity, and tells Alok how he can get Shobha back with all the big money he will get by suing his employer. And after some arguments, Alok gets ready for it.
Why not? Cause on one side, there is beautiful Anita and on the other its 20 Lakh [2 Million] Rupees, to get from the case.
Here starts hillarious ride of pretending to be a major patient. Alok and Prem creates such an environment that 3 doctors can not identify that Alok is faking it.
See, his fingers are Paralyzed.....!!
And finally, Prem files suit against Rongta Seth [Pinchoo Kapoor] - a real Marwari. A really funny character written.
Shocked by the amount of settlement, Rongta seth employs Maganbhai [Utpal Dutt] a private detective !! To find out that is Alok really sick or just faking it.
Meanwhile, Prem is in the seventh sky and making advance purchases and commitments cause he is also getting his share...Haribhai [Sanjeev] at his best.
Later, Alok gets frustated in hospital and at the time of getting discharged, he is annoyed by the situation and discards the idea of doing this. But again, Prem, gets him ready by telling him about how Shobha can love him again if he gets 2 Million rupees.
Neela, who wants to help Alok, is still aware of this plan. So she goes to Alok's place and takes care of him. Like Alok is really sick. And by this, the bond between the two gets deeper.
Meanwhile, Maganbhai is busy spying on Alok, to prove Alok is fake. And that too, with full action. Live camera and microphones !! Along with Javed Khan.I wished Utpal Dutt had more scenes, it would be more more fun.
Aaah..the golden days...Dooordarshan !!
And a seductive song by Anita Raj.....ooohh..
By now, Neela is banned from the Hockey team by some circumstances. And also gets replaced by Shobha in Alok's flat and his heart too. [well..somewhat] so she decides to walk away from there. And on the other side, Maganbhai is getting deadlines to prove the case wrong.

What follows after that,? Will Alok and Prem win the case? Will Marwari Seth compensate 20 Lakhs? Will Alok accepts Shobha back? What will happen to Neela who is sacked from team? Movie goes on with funny sequences like one below.
Basically this movie is kinda Moralistic one. That leaves some message for society. And Basu da is a master of such movies. Sanjeev kumar plays a pivotal role in this. He does all talk and talk that makes this special, in his own style. Farooq Sheikh also plays his part well. A simple guy who doesnt want much from life and who is so honest. But easily spoilt. Anjali Sen is very good. I know nothing much about her. Is she actress originally or a sports person, starring in this movie only?? Anita Raj is oomph girl. And she knows it.

Movie is about 2 hour long. And that works in favor of itself. Besides average music it is worth a dekko because of the script. And screenplay. Movie has got so many scenes where a long sequence is shot at a stretch, without any changes in locations or camera movements. But still, the funny dialogues and screeplay holds it together. Also the small small characters are enough enjoyable. Like Alok's nurse, visiting Doctor, a chinese hotel's waiter. Each of them are hillarious ones. Now I have to get hold of more Basu's movies. So Far, I loved his Chhoti Si Baat, Khatta Meetha, Piya Ka Ghar, Ek Ruka Hua Faisla, Shaukeen and Chameli Ki Shaadi. [and Yay! Two movies of him are under production!!]

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  1. Wow, another Anita Raj movie that I have to look into. I'm very interested in Farooq's work now. Thanks for the review and lovely screen caps.

  2. I love Utpal Dutt! He's probably one of the finest comedians Bollywood has ever seen!

  3. Anonymous07:50

    Where do you get these DVDs? It is hard to find old movies in western countries.

    1. I am a huge Sanjeev Kumar fan so I search everywhere for his movies. I found this one on ebay - I live in the States, and the DVD shipped from Canada :) It has subtitles, too! I think they still have some left! Good luck!

  4. Nicki Thanks. Hope you will start you oldies watch by one of Farooq's movies. How about Chashme Buddor?

    BhargavYeah, Utpal Dutt is always gr8 in any role. Next movie I am writing about, 'Rang Birangi' has got absolutely awesome cameo by him.

    Anonymous Welcome ji. Umm..actually this is not a DVD. A shop nearby my place has got some old VCD in excellent condition, for rent. So there I found this awesome collection. But btw, all of these movies are available on web. This movie is available Here.
    And I think, even the movies which are not easily available in India, US's webstores have them all.

  5. Wow I had no idea this existed! Great cast, too, it's on my to-buy list. Thanks!

  6. tBF
    pasand nahi aaye toh, paise wapis mat maangna :P

  7. Nice review, thank you!

    While the supporting cast is strong and solid, it is Sanjeev Kumar who mainly carries the weight on this movie. His impeccable comic timing, his delivery, his voice and facial impressions - all of that contribute greatly to the watch-ability and the entertaining aspect of this film. Very enjoyable and funny movie!


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