Ghajini, Aamir and Brands [Monday Masti]

After 'overwhelming' response to my earlier 'Monday Masti' post, I am thinking of making it a regular [if I can 'think' new ideas, then only]. So here is another one. And thats so obvious, about Aamir and Ghajini. While re-watching it on DVD, I noted various 'aspects' of Aamir ;-) . Here are some..
[P.S.: I am also a big Aamirian, so don't get offended by this. This is intended just for fun]

Aamir : The Typical

Aamir : The Social Worker

Well,not 'all' guests are God for Sanjay...see below.

Choose the true one, Choose the good one [Aamir's campaign for upcoming elections]

Aamir : The Brand Ambassador

and finally, The Climax :

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  1. First one to say...Dude...HILARIOUS.

    Kasam se...bhai..bahut badhiya

  2. Bwahahahahahaha! That was awesome! I love LOLAamirs!

  3. Hilarious man! :D I liked the "Eat Ghajini and Sleep Ghajini bit"..with Ghajini's face in them, it's damn funny!

    You should do one on SRK! or maybe on Andaz Apna Apna?

  4. good post...hilarious:)

  5. Everyone Thanks a lot. So glad you liked this one. Also glad at response to this series. I am feared that not every Monday, I would be able to pull this off. But I will try my best.

    Sujoy Kya Bhai, mast laga naa?? Chal toh aish kar. Tere liye Baba ne mast intezam kiyela hai. So project ki chinta chhod and have fun !!

    Ajnabi OMG, This much?? hahaha...Thanks !! :)

    And yeah..Bhargav,.SRK is my next target. But lets see, which DVD is with me?? But I have doubts about Andaz Apna Apna. I am just not 'that' brilliant to pull off a movie that is itself a shining example of hillarious movie.

    Lavsji, Welcome & thanks for stopping by. Thanks again for finding it hillarious !!

  6. What a hoot! Love Aamir's 'Thai'Tan watch. Is he bashing his head because he didnt get a Rolex for the shoot?

    More such fun comics please... :-)

  7. Bollyviewer Ahh..well. Aamir is Brand Ambassador of Titan. So he should not want Rolex ;-)

    Definitely I would come up whenever I get such new ideas :D Thanks.

  8. HAHAHHAA!!!!!!! Awesome :-D :-D

  9. Pitu Thx Thx thx :D


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