Damadamm : Music Review

My head was playing songs of his last, Radio - when I got hands on Himesh's latest offering "Damadamm" [titled 'Ishq Unplugged' earlier]. I am not a big fan of Himesh but just can't escape when he composes really good stuff. Like Namastey London and Radio.

To start off - the peppy Title track 'Damadamm mast mast mast mast Kalandar' is foot tapping with HR singing in different tone. This fast number will be sure favorite on the floors. The next track - the one i was waiting for after watching it first time in theatrical trailer - 'Umarao Jaan' [no touching, only sing] is highly highly addictive [especially, the remix one]. Purbi Joshi crooning few lines, and Himesh in his original voice - the song is sure to get stuck in head. Next Aaja ve mahi with Punjabi lyrics is passable. While Madhushala is outstanding. [yes, you read it right] Himesh and Aditi Singh Sharma both reminds us the sound of nasal oldies, but indeed an innovative composition. Though it annoyed me when the first few lines [in desi hindi] were sung, but then the song picks up like anything.

Was surprised to see Sadhna Sargam's name on HR's album. Breezy Yun toh mera dil by her and [ofcourse] HR, sounds lovely. Even if you are not fan of his voice, you are surely going to love it. Starting with lovely aalap by Vaishali Made - Hum Tum is a haunting track with glitch of bad lyrics [train ki ek patri..:-|] but sounds nice nonetheless. Tere Bina has tune reminiscent of Kahin toh..[JTYJN]  HR is in full form here, full nasal form. Similarly in next, I need space - which made me hit 'next' button after a few lines.

I miss you baby like mango, tere intezar mein na apple na tango, This 'LMAO' line is from the track Mango. That is rather well composed, but lyrics killed it. The last one - co-comopsed by Sachin Gupta - rock'ish Bhool Jaaoon is good one, but I think that's just an 'extra' and not a part of the movie.

Overall, do give this album a chance even if you hate HR. There are tracks you'll really like. I read it somewhere that Himesh needs to stop narcissist overdrive and give the songs to singers other than himself. Very true.

My Favorites : Umrao Jaan, Madhushala, Yun Toh Mera Dil

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  1. actually the same things I feel.. but u seem to have written more strongly.. nice one. :)

  2. Anonymous19:33

    A good music album by Himeshji finally.......he has now covered his bad image somewhat up to good extent.

  3. prat00:31

    Aaja ve mahi remix is best... awesum bass,,, rnb.. more like american beat!!

  4. Ashwani Sahni15:21

    Good review
    and yes Bhool Jaaun might not be a part of the film (the CD credits say promotional Video Track) but it still is the stand out track on the album... deserved more from u as part of the music review whether or not it is in the film!!!! it is part of the OST

  5. Anonymous23:43

    After the super success of Bodyguard, Damadamm is something beyond just a commercial outing....

    Damadamm's music boasts of some very heart touching melodies like Tere Bina, Hum Tum & Yun toh mera dil...

    Besides this Umrao Jaan n Damadamm add up the Party quotient to this musical outing...

    Madhushala is totally massy n hardly classy...Catchy yet a disappointment as it stands nowhere close to above masterpieces....

    Mango and I Need My Space are very hard on ears....These tracks negate the level n ratings of this album...

    I wish Himesh had enuf sense to censor these tracks out....

    Lastly Bhool Jaaoon is really surprising and fresh number from young talent Sachin Gupta...

    On whole Damadamm has gigantic DUM bearing a couple of tracks....

    Definitely worth a buy or atleast a listen....


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