Jhootha hi Sahi : Music Review

1-800-Love ; Call me Dil and finally its-Jhootha Hi Sahi. Long awaited movie of Johnny and Abbas Tyrewala is finally set to release. And after only the first trailer [released with We are Family]- I found out it has Rahman's score ! And the trailer looked impressive too. Making me eager for songs and whoa! Rahman delivers it and how.

Cry Cry is a lovely addictive track which has become instant hit by now. Catchy in terms of words [as always, Abbas' words does it] and Rashid Ali's singing along with Shreya, makes the track fun. There are portions where he says – no no no, kabhi nahi.. quite fun !  Next track Maiyya Yashoda  got me hooked since first listen.  Absolutely fun track by Chinmayi and Javed Ali. Rahman always tests his singers by giving something that their singers are not used to. Like in 'Saawariya'[swades] Alka Yagnik sang in so high pitch which she never can. Here Rahman has given a nearly breathless long phrase to Chinmayi which she sings effortlessly. Another comparison with Swades – 'Pal Pal hai bhari' had a hidden message based on mythological tale in last para of song. Similarly, 'Maiyya Yashoda' talks about naughty Krishna but in last paragraph it gives message to 'share'. Well written indeed. The song will surely become hit for this year's Garba. Oh, and I forgot to mention about composition – check out Sitar at middle point of song – out of this world !

Hello Hello is an instant reminder to Karthik calling Karthik. But in a good way. Just that both has same flavor. Beeps and ring of phone. But with Karthik's flawless singing makes it a good listen. And after that… a familiar sound comes to us – Do Nishaniyaan – the vintage Rahman track. And how more fabulous it can get – with Sonu Nigam. Continuous tunes of Piano makes this haunting track highlight of the album. Whats more – same track has another version called 'Heartbreak Reprise'. Superb words and singing.

Pam Para – is an average track sung by Shreya Ghoshal. But the phrase 'pam pam pa ra pa ra' is sticky. Must be fun to watch on screen. A relatively new voice for Hindi music – Vijay Yesudas starts 'I'll be waiting' with dreamy notes. A 'hinglish' song with jazzy tune. Wonderful Wonderful. Watch out for smooth conclusion at the end. Next up is another version of 'Maiyya Yashoda'  [Thames mix]. Well, it's a remix that's it. Finally as album starts with Rashid Ali, it ends with him too. Another personal favorite of mine – Call Me Dil. Heart touching lyrics and strings and crooning of Rashid  - Awesomeness !!

My Favorites : Do Nishaniyaan, Call Me Dil, I'll be Waiting.

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  1. Anonymous08:14

    WTF are the dumb media reviewers smoking? 2.5 for an album like this?
    Oh wait, i forget they're currently being Anti-Rahman.

  2. This article is nice and great.


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