The Big 'Dabangg' Theory

Thou shalt -

1. Start a movie with mind banging fight sequence so that audience can go shouting and whistling all over the world.

2. Pick a super hit song from your last movie and dance to it. During the fight. Super fun, ille??

3. Be an orphan, or have a widow 'dukhi' mom giving u lessons about life.

4. Add a stepfather and brother to fight with - more awesomeness !

5. 'Stand up on your own feet' [apne pairo pe khada hona, isn't it?! ] on your own. Show those dumbo 'step' guys that - bum kisise.. oops Hum kissise kam nahi'.

6. Be ''Garibo ka rakhwala' - A.K.A. Robin Hood !

7. Get 'sab se sexy gal' in village. Oh, and make sure she also has some due responsibilities to her family.

8. Get yourself some 'dushmani' before interval.

9. Oh, loose a family member pretty soon, so tht can be 'Jale pe petrol chhidkna'.

10. In between all of this, manage to dance to some superb songs with happening steps with / for the chick.

11. Oh, and don't forget to make some outrageous crazy moves with an Item Girl [no matter if she is your Bhabhi, arre Anil ne bhi kiya hai aisa...]. Making it Item song of the decade.

12. Create a family mess after interval, making things complicated for yourself, easy for 'dushman'.

13. Enter realization phase : Fight with dushman like never before shown on screen.

14. Save your best asset to show - for the right moment. [just, watch out for this scene - insane fun]

15. Dont forget 'Maaaa....' ; the saviour.

16. Oh, and follow the latest tradition - make way for a sequel.

"Humara naam humari image ko shobha deta hai, Chulbul Paandey !!"

That is Dabangg - the immensely entertaining flick as promised by Sal-Man-Khan. Go, Get Dabangged !

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  1. Umang Amin16:25

    Nice Post ..Gr8 .

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  3. Probably it happens only in our country where people become more famous after breaking law, Mashing innocents under the influence of alcohol, assault women who are so called girl friend (start from Sangeeta Bijlani, Somi ali, aishwarya roy, Katrina Kaif etc.), killing wildlife animal illegally and so many etc etc…… Still we people love him because he is so arrogant or he has got good look or just to hide his earlier sins he is running “being human” type of over hyped things. Its not “he” who is culprit for all these things, its “we” who make these type of people hero.


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