The Japanese Wife [2010]

Some movies have such a charm in its narrative that they take to a different world. With leisurely pace and beautiful screenplay, ‘Water’ was such movie, now Aparna Sen tells you this beautiful tale called “The Japanese Wife” which surely leaves an impression in one’s mind for long time.

The Japanese Wife is story of two pen friends – Snehamoy [Rahul Bose] and Miyage [Chigusa Takaku]. Who later on become a couple by marrying each other, only through letters. Snehamoy lives with his Maashi [Moushumi Chatterjee] who later on bring her ‘God-daughter’ Sandhya [Raima Sen] and his son Paltu, to live with them as Sandhya is widowed in young age. How Snehamoy and Miyage live their married life for 15 years without meeting each other, how complicate life Snehamoy and Sandhya shares with each other is the crux of the movie.
Narration is the highlight of the movie. As a story of pen-friends, most of the scenes are executed with silent shots of both characters while narrating text of letters in background. Toppled with gorgeous cinematography [shot at Sundarvan-Bengal] each scene is worth watch.
And not to forget this wonderful Kite flying competition scene.
Story moves forward with minimalist proceedings and that is quite enjoyable for me. Even the background music is hardly there in many scenes still it strikes a perfect chord. [Music by Sagar Desai]. Movie is based on story written by Bengali author Kunal Basu, accompanied by flawless screenplay of Aparna Sen everything is perfect.
One can never go wrong with having Rahul Bose on board. As a shy, introvert small village teacher, he excels. While Chigusa Takaku as Miyage does not have many lines to speak as most of the time she is alone having no one around, but with expressions she leaves her mark, especially at climax, that lives your eyes moistened. Moushami Chatterjee has likeable role [and with most dialogues :)] as Snehamoy’s aunt.
But my most favourite acts are – Raima Sen [as Sandhya] and Paltu. [couldn’t find his real name, help]. While Raima too, has least lines to say, but impressive her eyes are. And the kid, Paltu – is such a charmer who reminds us of our own childhood. The way he says ‘Kaku’ [uncle] to Snehamoy, and the inquisitiveness in his eyes are treat to watch.

A lovely movie I missed watching in hall. Oh, and this was my second Bangla movie, such a sweet language it is. Need to watch more of them if time permits.

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  1. This one certainly took me to a different world! If I were to look at the plot, I'd say that the story is absurd. A couple married through letters and perfectly content to live with each other through letters?! Can it get more ridiculous? Yet the movie not only has you believing it, it even gets you involved in the two persons' lives!

    I am not a big Rahul Bose fan and every time I see him in an Aparna Sen movie, I wonder why I'm not! Here, I LOVED his Bengali accent. It not only sounded authentic, it never slipped, not for a moment!

  2. Nice review- it sounds like even if the movie is slower than one likes, the cinematography will be worth the watch. This is how I felt about another Bengali movie, Antaheen, which you might like since you enjoyed the slow romantic pace of The Japanese Wife. I think TJW is on Netflix now too, last I heard. *off to check* toodles! ~Minai


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