We Are Family : Movie Review

Hamesha.. forever. The song, is stuck in my head that is heavy right now after such a weepy climax. And its been a long, really long time since I wept like this watching a movie. And I love it when a movie can make me cry like this. Sidharth Malhotra's 'We Are Family' is a movie-that strengthen the belief in 'Bollywood' formula. The melodrama that ruled 70s movies. No matter it is based on Stepmom [and I haven't seen that one], but the Indian formulation of videsi story is done so perfectly, that except setup, nowhere it looks non-Indian.

We Are Family is story of troubled relationships, which generally - is not my most fav genre. But its the treatment of the movie, that makes it worth watch.
The acts are flawless. I don't know why always people crib about Arjun Rampal's acting skills. I always found his acting quite good. Here as a man crunched between relations, he performs his part with honesty. Kareena on the other hand, has really a tough job here. In general, such roles get only hatred from the audience because she is a 'stepmom'. But the beauty of screenplay and her act does not make us feel like that. It connects with the audience and no where makes point on who's wrong and who's right. Everyone is a victim of situations and they are facing it bravely. Dialogues by Niranjar Iyengar are highlight. Not that its 'that' unique, but its as simple and touchy. Especially confrontations between Kajol And Kareena, are treat to watch. And another treat to watch is beautiful visuals by Mohanan. Wish there could be more of 'vibrant' Kajol !

Ah, Kajol. Need I say it again that I love her?? Who doesn't? After MNIK, in which I didn't like her much, [blame it on screechy screenplay], here she shines as she always does. Though there are moments which one can identify her with U,Me aur Hum, but still, she's 'the' one who can pull such a role. Oh, and forgot to mention about the kids. I always fear in movies with kids that they go 'over the top' sweet. But here all three of them, Aanchal Munjal(Aleya) Nominath Ginsburg(Ankush),Diya Sonecha(Anjali) - were good to watch.

At first, I did not like SEL's music for the movie. It did not sound like a Karan Johar production. But after listening to songs in the movie, now it sounds perfectly suitable. Hamesha Forever made me cry non-stop while [oh so bad] Jailhouse Rock was 'actually' fun in the movie. And Reham-o-Karam was wow.

So overall, if melodrama is your thing - if you love crying - if you love Kajol - Don't miss it.

Only one advise to Karan Johar - Please come back to India and shoot a full movie here.
Oh, and just now directory Sid Malhotra thanked me that I loved this movie. :P


  1. Oh, thanks for the early review! Glad you liked it, I'm really looking forward to seeing Kads in this role :)

  2. quite agree there on the execution bit (though I havn't seen step mom) ... n absolutely loved Hamesha and forever ...
    great performances by all 3 (counting Arjun Rampal in - he was a surprise package)
    Here's what I thought:


    Do drop by...

  3. Good review.glad to see der are ppl who really liked the movie and its music. Shankar ehsaan loy's music has always been like dat- very average on first listen,but fits like a beauty in d movie. Take my name is khan. Everyone was cribbing that it has only the usual sel sufi songs,but in the movie all songs were well placed.


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