Raajneeti : Music Review

Looking at past few movies, I wasn't looking forward at Prakash Jha's Rajneeti, in terms of good music. Cause he always emphasize on drama part more, than songs. But here, with as little as only four tracks, Rajneeti is an interesting album. With each song composed/written by different artists.

Album opens with a typical Pritam/Irshad Kamiil number sung by Mohit Chauhan & Antara Mitra [the Indian Idol girl??]. 'Bheegi si Bhaagi si' reminds of Pritam's earlier work like 'Khuda ya khair' and 'chalu mein'[de dana dan]. My first reaction was not so good for this track, but its Mohit who made me listen to it again, and now I'm liking it.

Next up is most famous track of the album. 'Mora Piya'. Both Aadesh Shrivastava and Sameer surprise a big time. Never have we heard such fantastic track from both. Aadesh impressed earlier in 'Kasak [Chhodo Naa Yaar]. But with this track he scores higher. Lovely rendition by him and backing up by Shashi & Rosalie Nicholson. While in another version [say remix!] Kavita Seth is wasted in fast beats.

Little bit disappointment there for me in third track. Looking at its creators Shantanu Moitra and Swanand Kirkire, something extraordinary is always expected. But 'Ishq Barse' is not their regular kind of work. Its a North Indian mujra+club song which is regular in Prakash's movies. No doubt demand of the story must be there for such track, but personally I did not like it much. Though experiments with words is quite interesting with 'atkan chatkan...' the childhood rhyme. And the line 'bole man ta ra ra ra' gets easily stuck in head.

But soon I got overwhelmed listening to 'Dhan Dhan Dharti' [Call of the soil] sung by none other than Shankar Mahadevan, penned by Gulzar saab. Surprisingly, closing my eyes, i thought this must be composed by Shankar-Ehsan-Loy. But no, its Wayne Sharpe ! The guy who won Best Background score for Gangaajal. Absolutely outstanding composition he has got for this one.

The song starts with tune exactly similar to 'Vande Mataram'. [not the Rahman one, yaar]. Brilliant use of our National song. And soon it picks up with wonderful words flowing through superb music arrangement. Got goosebumps all over by the vocals, words and sound. Fantastic !!!! Biggest highlight for the album. The song repeat as a Reprise sung by Sonu Nigam, but it fades against prowess singing of Shankar.

My Picks : Dhan Dhan Dharti, Mora Piya


  1. Dhan Dhan Dharti..gorgeous track! Shankar Mahadevan sings with so much passion. amazing singer!

  2. Arun16:19

    "Aadesh impressed earlier in 'Kasak [Chhodo Naa Yaar]"

    Wasn't that by Anand Raaj Anand?

    Good review! Will give it a try..

  3. http://bit.ly/cdSFFj

    'Dhan Dhan Dharti' is actually sung by sonu but those retarded ppl removed that track :(

    Original SONU NIGAM track is REAL AWESOME

  4. http://bit.ly/cdSFFj

    'Dhan Dhan Dharti' is actually sung by sonu but those retarded ppl removed that track :(

    Original SONU NIGAM track is REAL AWESOME

  5. Ranjan02:12

    Pesonally I feel all the tracks are okay.
    But the song 'Dhan Dhan Dharti' is a superb composition and Shankar Mahadevan is awesome.
    And yeah I agree that Kavita Seth is wasted in fast beats for 'Mora Piya' remix.

    Wayne Sharpe ROCKKKKKED.....

  6. Dhan Dhan Dharti is brilliant,,, I loved both the versions,,, ofcourse Shankar's version out performs,, and Gulzar saab is just too good,, He's a divine force,,, So many greats songs this year by him,,, Mora Piya is also great,,, Best by Aadesh & Sameer,,,

    And I also liked Ishq Barse,, Its the regular item song that Prakash Jha films always have,, better than all the previous ones,,,

    Overall I think the album is way above expectations,,


  7. I agree that Shankar M's version of Dhan Dhan Dharti is spectacular! Wonder if it's the only long-lasting track from the album. Also quite like 'Bheegi Si Bhaagi Si', this guy Mohit Chauhan is really good with love songs.

    Thanks for your recommendations and review, as always.

  8. Bhargav
    Yes, the song is absolutely powerful example of passionate singing.

    Ooops !! Thanks for the suggestion. Need to correct the post. Thanks for pointing out and welcome to my blog

    Anil Jadhav & Anil
    The Sonu version is there in soundtrack. But I feel his is quite cliched one. A typical Sonu style. I too love sonu, but comparing to Shankar's version, its a downer.

    Well, I did not expect anything from Prakash Jha's movies. But with some really good tracks, the album is pretty good. Yes, Shankar's song is the best one.

    Bikram Singh Bathh
    Hail Gulzar saab !!

    Hey ! So u've listened to this one. Shankar's amazing isn't it? Yes, agree that only that track is long-lasting, but all other songs are good while you are listening to them. Also, no body can go wrong with Mohit. Need to do a post on him.

  9. Mora Piya has already become one of my fave songs of the year, i love it so much

  10. Wayne sharpe's composition is out of the world,
    listen it with closing your eyes and feel what happens.. ofcourse shankar's version is far better, however sonu is a great singer but Shankars voice fit in this composition like a gem in the pearl.

  11. Indi12:38

    Some part of Bheegi si bhaagi si sounds similar with the tune of Indonesian band Peterpan's song "Jauh Mimpiku" from their third album OST Alexandria (2005), the same album where Pritam has plagiarized two other songs.


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