Magadheera : The XXL Experience

After my post about Southie movies, I got many recommendations to watch Magadheera [Telugu]. Also, Nicki's suggestion was always there. Another reason I was curious to watch this because many rumours going on in recent past about remake of this movie in Hindi with Hrithik and Aamir !! [I think now one would try to make such movie in Bollywood.] So I had to see this movie.

Directed by S. S. Rajamouli, Magadheera has everything 'large' in it. AS most of the Southies are. But this one got me hooked with all the visuals from the past. And if you give great visuals to me, I 'm always up for such movie. Didn't know that Ram Charan Teja is son of Chiranjeevi, untill he came in first song. And Kajal Agarwaal looks exceptionally good. Sigh...why southie actresses are so good that I fall instantly for them. :)

Magadheera is story of Harsha [Ramcharan] and Indu[Kaajal] who meet just by an accident. Harsha just can not find out what is there in Indu, that whenever he meets him, he gets to see images of past in his mind. Enter devil Raghubeer [Dev Gill] who wants to make Indu his wife. Soon Raghuber finds out about his past. What happened in 16th century and why he's getting attracted to Indu. Twists and turns in the story and things go 400 years back to 16th century where everything gets unfold. Mysteries get resolved.

I found the movie was lagging a little bit in first half, as the love story was under developed. unlike other mushy Southie movies I saw But some sparkling shots of beautiful Kaajal Agarwaal, and some mushy moments, it was watchable. And brilliant idea of putting crucial scene at opening shot of the movie, director made a really wise decision. That viewer gets hooked to know what had happened in past. Also the overall execution of things in 16th century, is mind blowing. History with dash of masala. A perfect combination for an entertaining movie. Oh, and in very few movies I saw a 'perfect' timing for intermission. I was like whistling on the entry of 'KaalBhairava' - the past avatar of Ramcharan. Huge sets of palaces are fantastic, I was surprised that all of them were actually 'sets', constructed in Ramoji Film city !! Also, both deserts of India, Rajasthan and Gujarat - were gorgeous on screen. Sigh... why I could not make it to see this on big screen.Ramcharan Teja's acted well. But looking at competition, I feel he needs to learn more dance steps. Kaajal was lovely in each frame [that's what a girl should be in "Hero's" film, right?] and the baddie, Dev Gill, was really BAD. Music, besides 'Dheera Dheera', none of the song I can remember now. May be because I'm new to these movies. Or may be causeDheera dheera 's picturisation was grandeur. I think Rahman could have done huge wonders for such movie.

A must watch if you love movies on Large canvas. Pure masala ! No matter its in a language other than Hindi.


  1. Yah!!! You finally saw it! I liked his dancing but he's no match to my hottie :) You may or may not know but he is the son of the famous Chiranjeevi :)

  2. And the 1st song, Bangaru koddi petta is a remix of famous Chiru chatbuster, take a look - :)
    I liked Magadheera for the visuals but the plot is rather week and I think there few guys which could handle Cherry's character better.
    BTW, I'm glad that you finally started exloring South :)

    AAAA, you've seen VTV? Man, I totally want to read your review!

  3. Agree with you about putting the most important scene at the beginning of the movie. It's way better than just telling the story straightforward.

    Kajal really looks lovely in Magadheera, which is quite a surprise to me.

  4. Nicki
    Yes, I know that he's son of Chiranjeevi. As soon as I saw later as guest in a song, I knew some connection is there.

    Thanks for the link.
    Yes, plot loses a bit in first half. But everything is covered by good story telling. Who do you think could have played this better?

    Oh, yes, VTV is up next. LOVED it!

    Loved that scene. Especially the background music. Impressive, isn't it?

    Ah, Kajal !

  5. Now I can't stop thinking about a Hindi remake. I would love to see Hrithik or Aamir in it, but I wonder if a younger hero would be cool too. It's weird because most of the younger heroes have been very metro in their roles--Shahid, and the younger guys like Imran and Ranbir. I can't seem to picture them in historical roles, but it'd be pretty awesome!

  6. This is the third blog in as many days where I've come across a review of Magadheera--I definitely need to get my hands on a copy now! I feel like this film is stalking me or something! :)

  7. uday22:49

    A small info....only fifty percent of those palace sets is all is visual effects


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