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Well, what can I say? When all the hype turn out valid, all the expectations are met, director Anurag Basu's 'Kites' left me speechless. Expectations were huge just because it's a Hrithik movie. And they have created such a hype around the movie, I was feared the movie can go all wrong. But thankfully, the case is not here.

Kites, is a shining example of technical brilliance meets perfect execution. I just loved the way story gets executed in parts, one by one sequences. In an order that is easy to engage the viewers. I don't know much about Hollywood [or any other movies, which sources says Kites is based upon]. But the storyline is interesting. So is the screenplay and editing - that in Two hours we get this ride. Technically movie is near perfect. Cinematography is breathtaking Everything, from Las Vegas to deserts of Mexico, looks amazing on screen. while action is mind blowing. somewhere the chase sequences looks stretched and seems repeating. And that makes second half, a little bit slow comparing to overall pace.

When Anurag is on board, you must expect story driven by music. Same case is here too. I was already hooked on the songs. But here, Salim-Sulaiman's background score amazed me. They are the best in business. And here, they have worked wonders with Latino. Songs are picturized beautifully. Hrithik's dance in 'Fire' blew away everyone. All of us were shouting throughout the song while getting amazed by his moves. Such a gifted guy ! I want to watch the movie again, just to see that song.

All the performances are good. Hrihik, of course, can never go wrong. He looks dashing and acts well too. I was curious about Barbara Mori - but she also has done a nice job. Thankfully, like any other Indian movies, here she does not have to speak Hindi. Movie is subtitled at many places, just to keep dialogues natural. So she mostly speaks Spanish. Oh, and did I mention she looks WOW !!! ... While Kangna has nothing much to do, bad guys Kabir Bedi and Nick Brown does their job in regular manner. Ah, talking about passion and chemistry Hrithik+Barbara shares, is superb. Would definitely love to see this sizzling pair again on screen. There are not many intimate scenes, but still you can feel the passion all around. Power of perfect direction maybe. :)

Final word - must watch it. No, its not a Hollywood movie [as they are saying it], just a Bollywood movie with fantastic production values and direction.

Cheers !


  1. Good review! I am glad you liked it as many are not waning to see it or expecting it to do bad

  2. You and I have similar taste in movies. I will have to wait for the dvd but you make it hopeful for me :)

  3. Great review! I'm glad you enjoyed it! :D

  4. Thanks cmleigh, Nicki and Filmi Girl

  5. Nice review! I enjoyed it too! You're so right about the cinematography! I think India has some of the world's best cinematographers. You really can't beat an Indian film for sheer beauty and Kites is no exception.

  6. Agree with you about most points, I greatly enjoyed it too. And that Fire dance, OMG so breathtaking, na? Loved Hrithik-Barbara's performances too :)

  7. Anonymous12:47

    What a load of rubbish....!!
    I didnt expect this from such a experienced actor / director rakesh roshan. I think this is a waste of opertunity to break into international market. Instead of it being an incredible movie its just a low medioker bollywood movie. Very poor script, the characters are very poorly defined. The actors have very little to perform because of the rubbish script. May be some front benchers will like it but certainly cannot be included in the bollywood hall of fame...
    Oooooh what a waste !!!

  8. Anonymous11:22

    garbage movie. whats so great about this barbara mori. she is ugly. there are much better looking indian actresses out there. but as usual we are obsessed with foreigners. typical indian mentality. we are obsessed with these stupid idiots who would strip and do anything for money. Especially Hrithik roshan - His mouth would water when he starts to talk about Mori. Like she is God or something. Such an idiot. Guys like him are meant to live as foreign womens slave. Looser no matter how much money he has. Also this was a terrible movie. no good story line.

  9. Two hilarious comments above. But seriously, I think the movie wasn't anything to be impressed about. Sure the dance & special effects are awesome.
    However, those "hero doesn't die even after getting shot & beaten badly" like the 1990s films was what I hated most.
    The movie is mostly in English or Spanish with Hindi subtitles which will cause serious problems for illiterate or non-English speaking audience.
    And at last a sad ending in a very weird way.

    I think it is a waste of such a fabulous actor Hritik.

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  11. You didn't watch Housefull until now ? It is a great movie. I'm expecting a review of Housefull & Badmaash Company from you.

    Also "Atithi tum kab jaaoge" is a great film to watch.

  12. Shantanu
    Hahaha, indeed those were some hilarious comments indeed. you know why i haven't replied to them.

    I don't know why, But I really liked the movie, May be my weak point is- technical brilliance. It blinds me up to the flaws and same is with good music. I too hate the 90s movies with this kinda formula, but if the treatment is good, I m up for it. :) And thankfully, the movie was short, so harmless to me.

    Ah yes, in order to make this movie internationally acceptable, they chose to have subs instead of hindi speaking gori. [Thank god for that, she did not kill the language]

    I have my own grudges with Akshay Kumar. Cause he ruined all my money last year with his one after another debacles. And I don't like the way they publish adult comedies, that family audience also gets in to see the movie, and end up leaving the halls in interval. Though I m interested about Arjun and Riteish in it. Lets see, DVD.

    Badmaash Company - I saw it after four days of release. But till then, the reviews were everywhere. I actually liked the movie. But again, it was remixed or say rehashed version of Bunty and Babli. Again, Yashraj had same formulas in second half, typical indian. It did disappointed me. Shahid somewhere looks lost. The cons they play gets repeating and makes a boring watch in second half. But for overall E-quotient its a one time watch on DVD. The songs are good, heroine looks lovely, and some funny moments are there.

    Atithi tum kab jaaoge - I have got fed up of Paresh Rawal. No doubt he's great Gujju actor. But he's so much typecast now. I want to see him more in the serious roles which he is most capable of. so I haven't seen that movie yet. Or might not want to.

    Thanks a lot Shantanu for stopping by, and making me write so many words!! Always a pleasure.

  13. Anonymous04:44

    It is simply a damn stupid movie. Bloody writer who have no idea what to write and how to end. I feel i kill my couple of hours by watching this nonsense movie.

  14. Anonymous16:28

    Hy everyone.I want to know what's the last song from the movie when they are in the water.pleaseee help mee i love that song

  15. hey anonymous
    wasn't last song "zindgi"? i can't recall it.

    Anyone has idea???

  16. Not great, but not a bad film either... a DVD watch for me...

    Here's what I thought:

  17. Anonymous12:33

    What background song at he show magic


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