Guilty Pleasures : Top 5 Thursday

Guilty pleasures eh?! There are many, many yaar. As I'm a hopeless movie watcher, and [once upon a time] TV maniac, I have so many guilty pleasures. But this is T5T ! The Top Five Thursday, [started by Christy] So here are my Top Five Guilty pleasures.

SONG: Tandoori Nights [Karzzzz]
I know Himessh will be choice of many among us. No matter how bad he sings, but don't know why this song get stuck in my head. I remember when the song was out, I was used to shout out and sing 'Rabba Rabba meri jaaaaan jale..jale...jaleee....jalee...'. And many of the colleagues were telling me to take medicines if my a** was burning :P Still, today, I love to sing this aloud while riding my bike. Coz no one can listen [identify] me wearing helmet. So my head is safe then, from rotten tomatoes.

SINGER: Annu Malik
Ah well, Not Himesh bhaiyya again. I admire Annu ji for being the original besoora voice. Another kahani - I was singing his album's song 'Dhuan Dhuan ho raha hai sama' - and my best pal said 'you sound exactly the same as Annu' !! OMG !! I was shattered to hear that. So I started singing a Shankar Mahadevan song [I was in dreams that I sound like him :)] But again, just like Annu ji in Indian Idol, My dearest friend told 'Yaar you 'Do' sound like Annu only'. Sigh...then, I started singing 'ek garam chai ki pyaali ho...'

GENRE: Horror
Just any kind of horror movie, I am always up to watch it. No matter if its thrashed by critics. Like recently I liked Phoonk 2, Loved Shaapit and also liked Agyaat !!! No matter how cliched the movie is, throw some spooks in it, and I would enjoy it !!! One more personal secret - I was watching Exorcist - 4 alone in my room. All lights off. Suddenly a scene with wild dogs came up and I ran to switch on the lights. Similar case happened while watching Grudge. I changed my sitting position, just because I was sitting next to a window - fearing someone's hands will come up from behind.

FILM : Saawariya
To 98% ppl around me, its a crap movie. And to me, its one of my lifetime favorite one. Love everything about it. Spectacular visuals, serene soundtrack, fantastic acts by leads. And oh, the beauty Sonam !! How can I deny all of these? No wonder I went to hall, 3 times to see this on big screen. Also the DVD is part of my precious collection.

ACTOR : Harman Baweja !!!!!!
No, don't faint please. Yes, he was bad, bad in Lovestory 2050. But at some places he shown sparks. And oh, he dances well. But I really liked his performance in Whats Your Raashee?. I mean, he played his character as he should. Wonder why that movie got bad reviews. After WYR, I'm surely looking forward to his 'Its My Life' [remake of Bommarillu] with Genelia. Well, I know there is no replacement of Sidhu, but lets see, how this shapes up.

So, readers, what are your Top 5 guilty pleasures?

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  1. Wow!
    1. I'd love to see you riding your bike singing out loud, lol.
    2. I have never watched The Exorcist all the way through because it terrifies me.
    3. Harman Baweja and What's Your Rashee...I'm not sure guilty pleasure is severe enough. More like deep, inescapable shame that taints the soul. I applaud your courage in admitting this. I only hope I can be as courageous when my #T5T time comes. ;-)

  2. Christy
    1. I always always do that. that's the only time when I sing btw. :)
    2. Oh, the part 1,2,3 were so boring. 4th [Exorcist:The Beginning] was good.
    3. :D well, ask any Gujju, he must have loved that movie.

  3. Baapre! That's quite a list man :P
    You already know that I love Saawariya too! Happy to be a part of that tiny 2%! Let me listen to Tandoori Nights now. It's one of those songs which I would love to listen again and again so that I can make fun of it! lol

  4. Bhargav
    Don't know why, but that song just can't go outta head when it gets stuck. You won't believe, but on my birthday, I was listening and singing it !!

  5. Harman! ROTFLOL!

    You know, I've grown to love Saawariya, and I really didn't like it at all to begin with. So I'm with you on that one. :-)

  6. I am part of the 2%. I also love Saawariya and every thing about it. I enjoyed reading your choices. Cracked about reading the first one.

  7. I would do the same thing if I watched horror still. It doesn't take much to scare me so I don't watch horror anymore and I don't ride roller coasters either. I figure why pay my money to be scared.

  8. Thats quite a list of guilty pleasures! I must admit to liking Anu Malik's Dhuan dhuan ho raha hai sama, but my guiltiest pleasure? Singing (and whistling) all the time - needless to say very, very tunelessly!

  9. hmmm, first of I loved how you broke your guilty pleasures down by category! I might steal that for mine.

    Secondly, quite brave indeed to proclaim for so much that's been panned over and over again! Though, if even the most skeptical person looks deep enough they can find something they like about anything.

    I'm a little afraid to reveal mine. let the mocking begin!

  10. I was going to list Anu Malik too! I love his "rap" in "Yeh Kali Kali Ankhen"! :)
    But, Harman?...that must be a really guilty pleasure!

  11. You know what? I kind of love Harman in Love Story 2050. Like, really love him. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

  12. Lovely post mate, i'm so with you on Tandoori nights,i've long loved that song and as for Harman i think we all know i love the man following my massive write up of Love Story 2050 so you're not alone :0) my guilty pleasure though and i even wrote about it on my blog is Phool Bane Angaray

  13. ajnabi
    :) **facepalm**
    seems like there are lot of fans of Saawariya! great.

    another Saawariya fan !! Yay!
    Happy that you liked my post.

    Hahaha. That was the awesome time in Pop songs, isn't it? remember another- dekho baarish ho rahi hai...

    Just read your post. :) Honest confessions, haan !
    Thanks for your kind words.

    Main mila.. tu mili..... Now playing in my mind.
    Please spare Harman yaar. If Hrithik would've nt born, Harman must be superstar then.

    Ahaa... first Harman fan I found till now.

    Oh yes, I remember you post about Lovestory 2050. :)
    Cheers to Harman !!

  14. Anonymous10:39

    Well its not THAT bad, apart from Harman Baweja stuff. Mine are 5. Pakikakis Youtube Channel, 4. Watching 1996 "Speed" twice a year, 3. America's Next Top Model, 2. Hasan Jehangir, and 1. Punjabi Stageshow Mujrahs!

  15. hey dishoomdishoom
    thanks for listing out ur top 5. Me needs to check out many from you've listed.


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