Save your Books....... [Monday Masti]

Bad Photoshop'ing' ..I know ..I am not a pro..:D

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  1. Well, I don't think anyone would mind if Mushmita Man's coming to get our books! :D

  2. The real Mushmita that is! hehe

  3. O ooo. I'll lock up all my books. NOBODY gets my books OR my DVDs! :-)

  4. Bhargav Man, have you seen her these days? I would surely run away, if I see him,,,,,,oops, her coming. :-D

    bollyviewer Me too. me too. I am so obsessive abt both that I even don't lend them to friends !!! I hate it when the pages get folded, or scratches on dvd covers [yeah, i am psycho ;-D] !!

  5. Lagot
    Hey, thanks so much and Welcome to my little blog. Do keep visiting, I am sure you ll like other posts.


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