99 : Movie Review

I am loving this. I am simple *loving* this. Till now, Bollywood was so keen on projecting only Mumbai as 'the' city in India. But now, all lenses has gone over to Delhi. First it was RDB, then Fanaa, Oye Lucky.. Delhi 6, Dev D and finally this - 99. Now everyone is getting to know that there are people other than punjabis in North India. The kewl & sumtimes crappy Delhites :P. And aboslutely Gorgeous city called Delhi.

99 Directed by Raj Nidimoru & Krishna DK is another  movie on Hera-pheris going on [as always] in North India. Like Bunty/Babli and Oye Lucky. But this movie is not emphasized on the burglary, rather it is taking up more intersting storylines including Gamble and Match Fixing. And that too, in rather funny way. The story is about Sachin [kunal Khemu] and Zaramud (!!!) [cyrus broacha] - two dropout techies, making their living by 'mis'using technology back in days of Y2K !! Somehow they get stuck at AGM's [Mahesh Manjrekar]- place and both 'has' to do stuff [money recovery] they don't like. On this way, they got to meet Rahul [Boman Irani] who also has stuck in net of AGM. And hilarious roundup of fate and luck starts from here. 

The movie is set in year 1999-2000. When the technology was about to get a kick start. The 'super fast' 56 kbps cybercafes were rage [yes, it IS in the movie] and the mobiles !!! Aah, the 5510, 3310 & 3315 !! Their Musical tones. And this era is brilliantly created by the guys [Rajeev Ravi] in the movie. Even in the first scene itself, an Aamir Khan poster shows up in faded light. [Now if you have seen the movie, tell me what movie it was??] And in another scene, we see 'Raju Chacha-the most expensive movie ever' Poster. Loved this small small details taken care off. [Art direction: Pradip Redij] Most fabulous was the Mobiles. At many parts, mobile phones and talks about it, got me  stomach-ache. So funny each situation is shaped around. And quirky one liners about them.

Dialogues are also fabulous as the screenplay is. Absolutely fresh and clever one liners I could find here. Sample this, 'If she is Neha, then you must be Pooja, right??'  [cause, in Delhi, every girl is named either Neha or Pooja :D] And its no surprise, that all dialogues are CLEAN. cause its written by a girl:  Sita Menon. And thats what I loved more. Cause I was feared that the movie can go so much the 'vulgar comedy' way, given the storyline, but kudos to the team, this one is so clean and family comedy. [sans two three bad words, that were essential].

Performances are almost natural. Though I think Cyrus is underused [or maybe he can act this much only?!!] Kunal is always likable is such roles. And this time he has matured more, and gives good results. Soha and Simone Singh in their short bits are impressive. And with Boman, one can never go wrong. Vinod Khanna is quite a delight to see on screen after long time. And OMG, JUST NOW I knew that it was Mahesh Manjrekar [with beard] who played the baddie. AGM the don. the makeover is such impressive, I just couldnt recognise him. [and keep praising 'the new actor' for doing an Awesome job !!!]. But ABOVE ALL, ONLY ONE actor who won my ACCOLADES and all my Uncontrollable laughs is - AMIT MISTRY. Who plays a handle of AGM in Delhi [AGM is a Mumbaiya don] - Kuber. He has performed his part really really very well. And thank got to script writers, he has his enough share of screen space. Everytime he showed up on screen, I couldn't control my laugh. Zany dialogue delivery [she cut.....He cut.........now she cut :D] Excellent, just excellent performance is all that I can say. And yes, not to forget his right hand - Dimple [no, not a girl but a dumb man assisting him]. Both of them, creates a RIOT on the screen.

Music is quite okay, but in such story+dialogue driven movie, I didn't feel much need of it. Though 'Delhi Destiny' is quite good. There are not much songs included in the movie. And thats completely fine.

All in all, this is a movie, you can not miss at any cost. A perfect movie for vacation, to go with friends. And kool off in the hot summer. I would surely go for 3.75 out of 5 for this cool tangy and smash comedy.


  1. I was sure that you would enjoy it! I'm going to rewatch it next week too!

    Amit Mistry is the man, isn't he!? ;-) By the way, dialogues are also written by the Rediff.com film critic, Raja Sen.

    Watch Little Zizou too..the humour is something like 99's. Infact it's a tad better than 99.

    PS I didn't notice the Aamir Khan poster..which movie was it from?

  2. Why crappy Delhiites? :D

    I've never ever seen more entertaining people like the Delhiites! I love the city! Much much better than London and the likes :)

  3. Bhargav I got name of dialogue writer from bolly-hungama. There they have got 3ppl including Raja Sen in Screenplay ?!

    And abt the poster, well do check out movie again and tell me :)

    Oh no, you got it wrong. Delhites are crappy in the sense, the burglars ;-) lol. didn't u see that car scene [briefcase!!] So in that way they are. [and the taxi drivers are world famous]

  4. Wow! Another great review that I read. Makes me interested in watching it now. I'm sooo behind in movies though

  5. Nicki Welcome back!!
    Well, you can start your movie watching from this one. its the best right now

  6. You know what, I love the taxi and auto rickshaw drivers in Dilli! hehehe

    They are fun..even quarrelling with them is entertaining (if its in limits)!

    Yeh Dilli hai mere yaar, bas ishq mohabbat, pyaar! :D

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  8. Going through your reviews again after watching some films. This is one underrated film of 2009

  9. I knew you are going to like this, Nicki. thanks for coming back. :) This definitely an underrated, just like Ek 40 ki Last Local, in 2007.

  10. Anonymous15:06

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  11. Keerthana21:47

    yes, i know, late comment, but... didn't anyone else crack up at the Shree Bill Clinton poster? i did, real hard :D
    and yes i must agree with Nicki. This is one hell of an underrated movie. i was really surprised when someone gave it a 2.75 o.O

  12. Thanks Keerthana
    LoL to that Bill Poster. I need to see the movie again.

    Thats rubbish if anyone gave 2.75 The movie is indeed in top ten of 2009.


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