Happy Birthday...to Me !!!

Image Source : HindustanKaHero.com

So.............everyone is invited :o)

Hey what fun, I’ve begun receiving birthday wishes already. Thanks guys. So nice of y’all. **

Oh..no..no...no !! I am not Robert............:-D

**The line is originally published at Aamir's Blog.


  1. Happy happy birthday! :)

  2. A small birthday dedication:

  3. well well well ..happpy birthdayy..hope you have a fun day ;p
    love the rangeela shot made me laugh out loud literally

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Darshit!!!

    So tell me...did you straighten the collar of your yellow suit and say, "Aaj apun ka happy budday hai"? :D

    That surprise party for Jiggy was hilarious too. Have a great day buddy. And many wishes for many more!

  5. Many Happy Returns of the Day!!!! Have fun. By the way, who are you spending the day with - Juhi, Kajol or Aamir? ;-)

  6. Bhargav Thanks man. I loved that Pooh video. I love them.

    JJC hah, I thought of Rangeela and instantly thought of tBF's post. And got cap from there. Thanks for the wishes !!

    theBollywoodFan Thanks for the wishes.

    Well, I actually have a tshirt which is yellow colored and has collar. So who knows? In the evening, I will be doing that? [in a hotel :D AC on chalu kar.........idhar ghuma....]

    Definitely Jiggy is hilarious.

  7. bollyviewer Thanks.

    You never know !!! :P

    how abt all three? I can even die after that party. It would be lifetime xperience !!!!!

    And well, virtually, I am spending my day with A R Rahman right now. And then I have appointment with Rakeysh Mehra and some guys named Siddharth, Kunal, Madhvan, Atul, Sharman & a new guy Aamir. Hope the meeting would be fruitful :D

  8. Happy Birthday hve a great life ahead

  9. Megha Hi Megha, Thanks a lot for the wishes and Welcome to My blog !!

  10. I'm a day late but Happy Birthday to you, wishing you long life and prosperity Hip! Hip! Hip! Hooray


  11. bollywooddeewana Actually I saw ur comment instantly after u put it. Just replying late. Thanks for your wishes. It feels great getting wishes from across the world !! :-D

    Thanks a lot for the link too. Its awesome. Heard it for the first time !!

  12. Hoppy Budday Rabbit! :-D

  13. PituChoo...choo.....

    rabbit is saying thank u


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