Haaye...Main Mar Jaava !!! [Delhi 6 dvd]

Got Delhi 6 DVD. It is not worth actually. Not much special features, even no Director's commentary :( And in the name of Xtra features, only 'Making of 3 songs' are there. Nothing else....

But who cares?? When there are great visuals !!! Delight !!!


  1. Mashaa Allah! Gazab!

    I'm going to buy the DVD as soon as I land in Delhi next Saturday! I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dilli6 ki jai ho! Sonam Kapoor is the icing on the cake of course! :D

    I love your post title! haha..Main bhi mar jaavan!

  2. Welcome to India. Hope u'll have a great time back home.

    Yeah, Delhi 6 ki Jai. Sonam Kapoor...my my !!

  3. Sonam Kapoor was the highlight of the movie and such an unexpected one at that!

  4. She is gorgeous!! And she looks so much better when smiling as opposed to her rona dhona in Sawariya ;-)

  5. I'm so excited to purchase such music instructional dvd! Whoooaaa..can't wait. I hope I could find it easily in the store:D


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