Cocktail : Music Review

What makes 'Tumhi Ho' - different then any usual Pritam-Neeraj song, is the female lead, Kavita Seth. Add the sticky tune and the loop inspired by age old chant, 'Tumhi ho bandhu, sakha tumhi', this is one is a helluva track. Starting off with familiar guitar strings, Benny and Shalmali makes addictive mix of 'Daaru Desi'. Rock version of Yaariyaan, makes you fall for it instantly. Be it for the lyrics by Irshad, or the fab vocals of Mohan & (late, yet superb entry of) Shilpa Rao. The track totally absorbs you. So, is the reprise of the song, sung by Sunidhi and Arijit. Interesting swap of singers in this version compared to earlier.

There is another track where lyrics are a highlight - Luttna. Sung by Masuma Anwar, Sahir Ali and Anupam Amod, its an innovative mix of sounds and wonderful words fused with fantastic vocals. During the second interlude, it takes interesting turn. Second Hand Jawani, is a glitch though.Despite of fun lyrics, it fails mostly cause of the false arrangements. And, there - we have two Coke Studio connections. First one being the singer Javed Bashir, accompanied by Nikhil and Shefali in Tera Naam Japdi Firaan. The powerful vocals does make this pop'ish track a 'stuck in head' one. Lastly, Arif Lohar's Jugni which featured in Coke Studio Pakistan, gets re-arranged by Pritam here. Though not much changes in terms of tune, the female voice is changed to Harshdeep Kaur, and that's where I am complaining. Barring that, it still makes a worth inclusion in the album.

All in all, Pritam is on a roll this year, churning out hits and more hits. There is surely something about Saif's 'mushy' movies and Pritam - together, they both work perfect.

My Picks : Luttna, Yaariyaan, Tumhi Ho.

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